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From the ashes of war, seeds of peace (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "From the ashes of war, seeds of peace"

Posted by: Guinar Ndengin on Year 17 Day 274

Deafening revelries on the streets of both Falleen and Coruscant today, celebrating the newly forged peace treaty between long time adversaries the Falleen Federation and the Imperial Union.

All throughout the day the atmosphere had been electric as large crowds gathered, eagerly anticipating an official statement from the Imperial Palace. When finally the holoscreens lit up, showing the Imperial Union Executive Council together with their Falleen Federation counterpart, an expectant silence fell over the restless crowds. As Emperor Ndengin announced there would be peace between four prominent nations, the pent up tension found earnest release in jubilant cheers.

The Emperor articulated his joy to see this long negotiated peace come to fruition: "It's been many long years that the Falleens and our alliance have been in a state of war. We've been fortunate enough to see that war go cold for quite some time, but it's always a time for celebration when diplomacy prevails and hostilities end as we find common ground and pave the way to peaceful coexistence - and perhaps even a close friendship down the road."

Signing the treaty, King Jado Dur`rik had similar remarks. "The anticipation has been an extended circumstance, it has not been easy by any means, yet worth the investment. The crucial factor is that all parties refused to give up, recognizing the importance of peace to our citizens and the economy."


The negotiation process was slowed by differences of opinion between the Falleen Federation and Tresario Star Kingdom, two factions with a short but notable history of conflict, which had followed years of cooperation and alliance. Tresario enjoyed a good relationship with former King Bisz Aldaris of the Falleen Federation, ensuring growth and development for both governments. But as the Federation moved deeper into the Galactic Alliance's sphere of influence, the relationship deteriorated into hostilities, and, eventually, to open warfare. This rift, in turn, opened up avenues for Tresario to become a valued member of the Imperial Union.

Seeing the Federation separate itself from the Galactic Alliance and prove their neutrality through time and active policing, Tresario approached the Executive Council for assistance and mediation in securing peace, a decision that ultimately led to this glorious new accord celebrated throughout the galaxy.

As King Jude Vatz of Tresario laid his pen down after signing the newly ratified peace treaty, he made a heart-felt statement. "King Dur'rik, as our feud ends, it is my hope that our coming together today will not only establish a lasting peace between our two great nations, but inspire others so we can move towards a more peaceful galaxy as a whole."

As the festivities on Coruscant between Imperials and Falleen tourists continued deep into the night, the services of the Imperial Security Bureau were called upon several times to maintain order, politely requesting revelers to display a minimum of decorum. So far, only minimal casualties have been reported in the wake of the celebrations.