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Futuristic Designs Revealed at Expo (ING)

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Posted by: Elaine von Veritrax on Year 19 Day 78

Carida (Military) - Documents were released today detailing a number of large scale mock engagements between the Imperial Army and members of the Imperial Union. Coinciding with the Imperial Army's expo at the "Seele" Army Academy on Carida, they underlined the current and future design considerations for much of the Army's current hardware, and design concepts were included for armour and weapon developments that have recently seen field testing.


Some of the more eccentric designs originate from Master Engineer Gaen Thano, a Zabrak citizen with a focus on defensive metallurgy in the Ministry of Industry's Research and Development branch. Gaen, having joined the Ministry early in his life after venturing into the core worlds, quickly rose to prominence with the development of the current Heads up Display utilized in all standard Imperial equipment. His revolutionary and often unorthodox ideas quickly drew attention from Command level staff and he subsequently was transferred into a project manager position within Myzoro Weapons Systems.

Myzoro Weapons Systems was pleased to be able to conduct live fire field tests on several of the prototype designs with donations of volunteers for armour testers coming from the Imperial Prison system, managed by the Imperial Security Bureau. While the tests were mostly effective, Thano’s designs will be subject to additional field testing over the coming months with a particular focus placed on riot gear, as well as a more durable yet light weight standard issue set of equipment for regular Army units. The Imperial Security Bureau is especially interested in new Riot Trooper designs as the upgraded versions are rumoured to support air filtration systems that can protect against six new toxins and filter air for an additional two hour block.

"Additional time on the filtration systems means we can keep troops deployed in hostile environments longer, and soldiers who are engaged in hostilities will remain alive longer until help can arrive." one technician commented.

"We dominate the weapons race for superior firepower and mechanized capability. As a result I have turned my focus on protecting the individual." Thano stated regarding his new designs. "An individual war fighter should be able to function in small detachments in all situations with complete reliance on their equipment."