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Galactic Alliance Lies Exposed by Whistleblower (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Galactic Alliance Lies Exposed by Whistleblower"

Posted by: Mikel von Bianchi on Year 12 Day 13

Onboard the Nebulon-B Frigate Emperor's Wrath in system Phraetiss (-140, -50).

Coruscant (INB) - Reeling from the catastrophic loss of forty worlds previously under the rule of the Ailon Nova Guard, the Galactic Alliance has pulled desperate maneuvers today in an attempt to paint the peaceful acquisition of Ailon's worlds by the Galactic Empire as a genocide; only for the sinister and frenzied move to be exposed by one of their own. Galactic Alliance leadership, cracking under continued pressure and criticism of its own ability to form a coherent Alliance based on anything more than technology sharing, hit news screens across the galaxy in what has been characterized as a feeble attempt to repaint the truth of the Imperial-Ailon Agreement that was signed earlier this week.

Losing its third largest member-state of over 300 billion population spread across 40 planets and a phenomenal construction network of over 100 shipyards sent political figures of the Galactic Alliance into crisis mode, with reports revealed by disgruntled prominent Ailon leaders as to the true nature of the failing political block surrounding the New Republic. Desperate to shift focus away from the defection of two sectors from the Galactic Alliance, the Republic News Service (RNS) was coerced by the Center for Republic Intelligence (CRI) to create an ill-fated propaganda campaign of falsehood and misdirection claiming the change of government was the result of brutal military action, rather than peaceful agreement.

With a lack of finesse and subtlety noted in New Republic behavior since the infamous Black Sun looting, the CRI misappropriated the Republic News Service hoping to deceive the galaxy with the intent of shifting focus from the Galactic Alliance's inability to function to a routine fantasy spouted by the Alliance's propaganda machine. The poorly conceived campaign of lies was exposed due to the conscience of a Sound Technician working at the Adbatar studios of the RNS, who leaked footage of the creation of the staged 'Imperial assault' on Ailon worlds. The whistleblower, now in hiding from the CRI within the borders of the Galactic Empire, expressed shock and disappointment at the obscene lengths the Galactic Alliance is willing to go to, to try and create a crisis and justification for their anti-Imperial stance.


"I truly believed in everything the New Republic and the Alliance stood for. I mean, I joined the [RNS] to put the truth out there, you know? To show the galaxy the evils of the Empire and its atrocities, but now I find out it's all been a lie. An absolute lie orchestrated by a corrupt government... I just can't have any faith in any of what they're saying anymore, or really any of what they've said ever.", explained the technician from his hotel room in an exclusive interview.

Detailing an elaborate high tech facility hidden amongst the warehouses of Adbatar, the informant opens the galaxy's eyes to a series of holo-recorders, vast cityscape sets, costumes of captured Imperial equipment, and a plethora of CRI Agents used as actors to film a variety of scenes for dissemination amongst the media agencies of the Galactic Alliance. With the informant describing a vast array of computers for CGI effects, analysts estimate that such a facility would cost upwards of 15 million of credits to construct, and millions more to maintain and use each year, and represents a continued and strong desire by the Galactic Alliance to lie to their citizens and oppress them through maintaining a constant state of heightened fear.


Asked about what this means for the Galactic Alliance and the New Republic he served faithfully for many years, the disappointed whistleblower echoed many thoughts from throughout the galaxy. "If [the GA] are willing to lie to us about major events like this, and try to create justified wars where no cause exists, then hell, we've all been living in a dream world over there. The truth is that the real enemies of peace and prosperity in the galaxy is the Galactic Alliance, not the Empire; it's no wonder the Galactic Alliance is falling apart, it's simply rotting from within and trying to blame the Empire for all its troubles."

Officials of the Galactic Empire described the propaganda as "...a pathetic attempt to whip their own citizens into a frenzy so they don't notice the major screw-ups revealed by these events", and went on to further assure businesses that rumors of classifying the newly acquired Ailon technology as 'Restricted' were false. "Such technology is not of a military nature, and the Ministry of Industry will ensure it remains available for the general public, including the much sought after Tabder designs at a much lower cost than under the Ailon government."

With blundered attempts to distract citizens and the wider galaxy from the crumbling alliance exposed by disenchanted employees; political analysts predict that the levies of the Galactic Alliance will soon rupture over the contentious issue of technology sharing and incompetent leadership by the rulers of the Galactic Alliance. With a strong showing of support across formerly Ailon worlds for the Imperial regime, and a lack of any reports of violence from the worlds claimed by the RNS to be affected by the supposed Imperial oppression; one wonders when the hysteria invoked by the Galactic Alliance will be broken with the intricate web of lies formulated to sustain the various governments finally succumbing to the outrage of its own citizens.