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Galactic Co-Operation (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y9D255 by Josef DeLaurel

Empress Teta (IIS)-- There have been many rumours circulating recently regarding the relationship change between the Galactic Empire and the well-known Trade Federation. These have varied in extremity from rumours of a political takeover by the Empire to proclamations that the Empire was, in fact, about to undertake a mass extermination of the Federation.

The truth is that the Trade Federation and Empire began working a lot more closely together in an informal manner, hoping to build more formal bridges between the two. These varied from more regular trading contracts and integration of Imperial and Federation civilian populations. These were always limited to ‘private’ ventures however to keep the publicity away from the governments.

This informal relationship has, however, taken it’s first tentative steps towards a formal relationship between the Empire and the Federation. This has come in the form of a joint training operation between the Imperial Navy's 4th Imperial Fleet and elements of the Federation's own Fleet. This operation consisted of the tracking and neutralizing of an ‘enemy’ contact within the confines of a star system. Naval Command chose the 4th because of it’s exemplary record of working together in close nit formations and hoped it would be the best choice in a ‘combined’ operation such as this.

It is hoped by Imperial planners that this operation is the start of a much more close relationship between the Empire and it's Federation partners bringing prosperity to the Federation and yet another ally of the Imperial Throne. Only time will tell but more combined operations such as this can only lead to a friendlier atmosphere and a better future for both parties.