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Gavin Saelvas

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Gavin Saelvas
MO-1.png gold1.gif
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Diedre Saelvas
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Sean Saelvas
Children None
Born Year -6 Day 275 (Age 23)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Fleet Member
Prior Service N/A
Awards IABG.jpg

Gavin Saelvas is a Hapan male from the planet of Hapes, located in the Hapes Cluster. He is currently serving as an Ensign in the Imperial Navy.

Family and Early Life

Gavin was born in Year -6, Day 275 on the planet of Hapes to Diedre Saelvas, a prominent medical director for the Hapes Cluster's prison facilities. Information and whereabouts about his father are unknown. As far as Hapan society is concerned, which is a predominately matriarchal culture, information regarding Gavin's father is irrelevant and has never been a cause for concern or thought further than the acknowledgment that he, at one time, lived.

Belonging to an affluent and well-respected family within the Hapan community, Gavin was raised in an aristocratic and socially rewarding environment which greatly contributed to his standing and opportunities within the Galactic Empire and Hapes Consortium.

Through Gavin's early life, he and his family had residences on multiple different planets of the Hapes Cluster. Due to his mother's profession as a rotating medical director, Gavin would mainly split his time between the planets of Hapes and Jodaka until his eventual attendance of the Imperial Academy at the age of 19. He has one older brother, Sean, aged 25.

Military Career

The Academy

Gavin began his military career in Year 14, Day 61 at the age of 19, enlisting into service at the Imperial Academy. Until graduation, Gavin was educated under the academy staff and his assigned Training Officer of then-Lieutenant Faraday Euler (Navy). His time at the academy proved to be both vastly rewarding, and personally challenging as Gavin excelled particularly in the study and practice of logistic management strategies and capital ship piloting, but struggled with making any sort of lasting friendships. In Year 18, Day 63, after several years of flight training, academics and constant evaluations from his superiors, Gavin dutifully graduated from the Imperial Academy. Upon graduation, he was promoted to the rank of Ensign(0-1) and was assigned to the Imperial Navy; the Galactic Empire's premier fleet.

Naval Service

Upon being selected for the Naval Branch of the Galactic Empire in Year 18, Day 63, Gavin secured his place as a TIE/in (interceptor-class) pilot assigned to a Victory Star Destroyer. His new role as a TIE/in pilot, while different from that which he had primarily hoped for, was extensively beneficial. It greatly honed the skills that he had learned from the Academy and allowed him to build a foundation on which he could continue learning.

Personality Traits

Quick-witted and dry-humored, Gavin's peers ironically regard him as an introspective-extrovert. Having been subject to a wealth-driven upbringing, he takes pleasure in achieving only that which personally gratifies his own allotted efforts and triumphs. Constantly seeking to remain in the background so as to better himself without the confines of class-based judgement, the few who share a close relationship to Gavin find great satisfaction in his personal anecdotes and respect for order.

Imperial Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y14 D61 - Y18 D63
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Y18 D63 - (Current)

Awards and Accolades

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG] Y18 D62 Lieutenant Faraday Euler For graduating from the Imperial Academy with a final grade of 93.25%