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Glorious Future (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y13D269 by Elvira Falston

Coruscant (IIS)-- In a recent press conference, Aurora Technologies was pleased to announce the appointment of Senki Blackrain as leader of the large company, known for its innovative designs but eventful and turbulent past. Blackrain, who recently retired from his position as Lord Admiral of the Imperial Navy, claims to be most excited to be facing numerous new challenges and obstacles in this new role. Already new freighters are rolling off the production lines in the Corellia system and at other Aurora Technology facilities across the galaxy, proving that the company has a glorious future ahead with a competent and experienced Imperial at the helm.

As Lord Admiral, Senki Blackrain was one of the longest-serving and most influential figures in modern Imperial history. Lord Admiral Blackrain has not only been part of the Imperial Navy for over six years, an impressive feat in itself, but he has also led the Navy through a host of succesful reforms under the supervision of the Throne. Senki Blackrain has been instrumental in making His Majesty`s Navy the efficient and widely feared force it is today. He helped guide the Navy through several difficult periods, such as the merger between the Empire and the New Imperial Order after the end of the civil war. He was a popular man and inspired many of the Navy`s current officers, improving the overall morale in the military.

He has left a lasting impact on the military through his close collaboration with the Throne to streamline our fleets and make every flight group more independent, flexible and adaptable to any situation. Aurora Technologies will no doubt benefit from his knowledge and experience, which will usher the company, that has been surrounded by great instability in the recent past, into a new era, an era of growth and success. The company is already back in business and has opened its doors to the public.

Although many regret his departure, he has left the Navy in capable hands, those of his Executive Officer, the equally experienced Rawius Titan. Having been part of the Empire for many years, this visionary leader was officially granted the rank of Lord Admiral and named Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy on Year 13 Day 234. In a statement to the entirety of the Imperial Navy from the Imperial capital planet of Coruscant, Lord Admiral Titan adressed his officers for the first time. He spoke the following inspirational words: “Together we are one single unstoppable force - together we are the sword and shield of the Empire - together we are the Imperial Navy”. Giving a confident and wise impression, he went on to say that “This is not a time for haste, this is not a time to step down because it will be difficult or hard, it is time like now to step up and rise to the challenge, excelling standards, pushing others and leading your brothers and sisters at arms to excel the Imperial Navy and ultimately the Empire”. Under thunderous applause, he left the stage, leaving the audience in a state of great optimism and enthusiasm about the new regime in the Navy and its continuing unquestionable loyalty to the Galactic Empire and His Majesty, the Emperor.