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IDPSE Public Service Announcement (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "IDPSE Public Service Announcement"

Posted by: Aspharr Montari on Year 16 Day 314

CORUSCANT (INB) - Officials within the Galactic Empire today announced the capture and presumed execution at the hand of pirates and terrorists of an Imperial Navy officer, following the officer’s abduction by a former Imperial agent.

Commodore Sal Takla is missing and presumed dead today, after reports of his abduction by Bisk Marlowe. Commander of 1st Imperial Fleet, Takla had an illustrious career in the Empire and was quickly rising through the ranks of the Imperial Navy.

Marlowe similarly was a rising star in the Empire, having began his career in the Ministry of Industry before joining the Imperial Navy and eventually working his way through the Imperial Security Bureau and, reportedly, recently joining the ranks of Imperial Intelligence.


Exclusive reports out of the Imperial Department for Psychological Studies and Evaluation (IDPSE) indicate that Marlowe recently sought treatment for injuries sustained during a freak hunting accident, including massive head trauma. Marlowe reportedly complained about recurring headaches and dramatic swings in emotion - conditions which IDPSE officials were unable to correct, despite their best efforts.

Both Takla and Marlowe were members of the Order of the Sith, prompting comments from the Dark Lord of the Sith, Mikel von Bianchi. “I will not lament the loss of a heretic so obviously uncommitted to our goals,” the Dark Lord stated. “Although the loss of Commodore Takla will obviously be felt throughout the Empire, it has for millennia been a tenant of the Sith that only the strong shall be worthy enough to rule. We will learn from his mistakes and be made stronger for it.”

According to Imperial service records, Marlowe and Takla were on leave together at the time of the Commodore’s abduction. It is unknown whether Marlowe’s reported injuries and inability to properly control his emotions - such as rage and fear, which can be dangerous absent proper Sith training - contributed to his reported violent mood swings and unconscionable decision making.

Speculation in the scientific community is rampant as to what could have brought about this almost unprecedented mental breakdown. IDPSE scientists have lamented their inability to treat Marlowe, while reports indicate that the Empire is offering a substantial reward for his capture and safe return for study and eventual pre-postmortem autopsy. Imperial Intelligence officials would not confirm such an offer before press time, though sources indicated that Marlowe should be considered unstable, armed, and extremely dangerous.