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IMC's Reprocessing Initiative (ING)

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KUAT (Industry) - Quarter one of the galactic financial year has seen huge increases in raw material supply reported by Imperial Mining Corporation. This is in part owed to the continued sustainable expansion of mining operations across the Empire's territories, but more substantial gains have been attributed to investment into a reprocessing and recycling initiative.

Imperial Mining Corporation’s aim was to build bespoke recycling facilities on their worlds that would enable the re-use of of many materials that would have previously been scrapped using a patented solar-landfill technique. The project in Q3 and 4 of the Y18/19 financial year was instigated by Minister Daelis Stanov, whose office gave the following statement: "All Imperial Mining Corporation (IMC) facilities have been fitted with our proprietary reprocessing plants to circulate any raw material byproduct back into the industrial pool to maximize utilization. This productive technique is in line with the Ministry of Industry’s environmental policy plan that will continue to be expanded from not only our resource extraction and recycling techniques but also into our full suite of manufacturing processes."


The new innovative design of the reprocessing plants and technologies used therein were created by the Ministry's Department of Research & Development. The secretive department, whose location is classified, is reputed to be staffed by some of the galaxy's most brilliant minds. The technology is designed and works in two ways. The first is a refinement process that is built into the mines themselves and augments the current process of extracting certain elements from the base raw material. This has led to a massive increase in quantum, meleenium, ardanium and lommite. Secondly, the recycling process harnesses any scrap, salvage or damaged Imperial equipment, such as damaged starfighters, and completely strips away the composites and reconstitutes them into their base elements for reworking.

Basilla Ascher, a Doctor of Material Science at the Humbarine Institute of Imperial Sciences, commenting on the development has theorised that the scientists at the Department of Research & Development must have had a breakthrough in the use of some sort of nano-technology to be able to effect rates of reconstitution of these materials at such an efficient rate. It really is a testament to the tenacity, knowledge and sheer genius of those scientists to develop such a beneficial technique not just for the Empire but for the galaxy as a whole.

The Ministry of Industry, under the leadership of Minister Stanov, have been committed to sustainable environmental policies for extraction, production and associated disposal across all Imperial worlds, and unlike others outside of the Imperial Union are committed to ensuring that Imperials on planets where such facilities exist have an impeccable quality of life unaffected by the side-effects of the operations of the Empire's corporations.