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Id Est Mihi, Id Non Est Tibi (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Id Est Mihi, Id Non Est Tibi"

Posted by: Seele on Year 12 Day 282

Onboard the Victory Star Destroyer I Darkness in system Fornax (20, 300).

DOLOMAR (INB) - Professors across the Empire are celebrating the return of valuable ties to the past after the arrest of two Krath smugglers attempting to abscond with historical artifacts stolen from local museums on various Imperial worlds valued at over 30 million credits. With intelligence provided by undisclosed sources, the thieves were caught by bounty hunters and turned over to an Imperial Special Task Force early this morning in the Dolomar sector. Quickly taken into Imperial Intelligence custody, Chief Falston of the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations released limited information on the apprehension the two Krath officers in the sting operation which took place at a trading station on the edge of Imperial space.


The Krath thieves, using false documentation that indicated they were citizens of the Avance Coalition, entered Imperial space posing as history students touring the collection of rare Jedi artifacts held on many worlds by local governments and private individuals. According to Imperial Intelligence, the thieves targeted minor planets and small museums with minimal security, and absconded with prize pieces before travelling to the next target. Commenting on the situation, Chief Falston was saddened by the events, and noted "how cruel these Krath raiders are. [These] artifacts are major sources of pride and income for local museums, and most of the artifacts hold deep significance for those who lived through the corruption of the Republic by the Jedi Order."

Interestingly, the artifacts stolen were of relatively low value when compared to those still held within the major worlds such as Imperial Center's Museum of History, or even the rumored collection held in the mysterious temples of the Sith Order. Commenting on the situation, Jaykob Wellz, Professor of Archaeology at Coruscant University outlined that the objects seized "are minor compared to the pieces on display in the larger museums in the galaxy, even some museums in the same system as planets targeted by the duo. These recent events really call into question, from an academic standpoint, the validity of Krath claims of excavating major finds such as the Black Sphere of Shesharile III and the Sith Spellbook and Amulet of Empress Teta." Professor Wellz is now following up with associates throughout the Galaxy to ascertain the veracity of Krath claims that their growing collection of artifacts were genuinely recovered in archaeological digs, or whether such items are being pilfered from throughout the galaxy.


The Office of Adjudication is currently preparing the case against the Krath smugglers who have been charged with three counts of grand larceny, smuggling, unlicensed trade, fraud, and providing false information to government officials - an embarrassing situation for the Krath Dynasty and its Galactic Alliance allies. The two face up to 100 years in a maximum Imperial penitentiary and a fine of 12 million credits. Imperial government officials are notifying other museums in the area to review their inventory for possible absences, and the Empire is warning fellow governments to be on high alert for Krath thieves seeking to satiate the Krath Dynasty's hunger for Force-related artifacts.