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Imperial-Anzatan Diplomatic Delegation Meets in Coruscant (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y12D292 by Santiano Salazar

Coruscant (IIS)-- A momentous day and hopes are high that a new era in galactic peace has begun as a delegation from the Anzatan Commonwealth has met with a diplomatic delegation from the Empire in the hopes of fomenting a new relationship between the two governments. Though the two factions were at one time hostile to one another, neither government desires an escalation of those hostilities. With recent events taking place in the galaxy, both governments now see the benefit of establishing a better relationship.

The New Anzat Order was once a government that came under the control of the Empire. This was early in the second reign of Emperor Bonias. The Moff appointed to oversee the Order, Vlademar von Ismay, eventually passed control to his sons, Wilhelm and Owen. These two individuals broke the Order away from the Empire and set themselves up as the rulers of their own small kingdom. This event triggered the hostilities between the Empire and Anzat.

The key trigger in the recent change in diplomatic relationship between Anzat and the Empire was the death of Wilhelm von Ismay. With him out of the picture, the Empire had little reason to be actively hostile towards the Order, and with the competent rule of Queen Keishi the Empire became inclined to see if relations could be repaired.

Within the past few week these desires have been put into action as a delegation from the Anzatan Commonwealth met with a diplomatic delegation from the Empire in Coruscant. The Anzatan delegation was comprised of Chancellor Soki Ionian, Minister of State Eeth Vekdar, as well as Royal advisers and high ranking Military personnel. The Imperial delegation was comprised of Vizier Sankin of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, Lord Admiral Blackrain, Commander of the Imperial Navy, and Director Morettius of RADE. The intial meeting of the delegations was held at the capital of Coruscant. To quote Vizier Sankin, "The Anzatan Commonwealth approached us about signing a Non-Aggression Pact, so we decided to have part of the ceremony at the Imperial capital, to give it a sense of pomp" It should be noted that Chancellor Ionian is a Coruscanti and that the meeting at the Imperial capital was a bit of a homecoming for him.

At the meeting it was decided that the two governments should begin a cultural exchange. This would be a showcase of the best artistic talent of both peoples. "I wanted to do something different than simple talks between the two states, or mere economic exchanges" Said Vizier Sankin when asked to comment on the cultural exchange.

After the initial ceremonies and talks were completed, the Anzatan delegation presented a gift to the Empire, a squadron of Razor Fighters. The gift was well received and talk then moved to an NAP discussion to go on Safari, as a means to relax and a way for the Empire to show off its weaponry.

It was from Coruscant that the two delegations travelled to the planet Bortras to begin its safari. Security on Bortras was put on heightened alert as a hand picked detachment of pilots from the 5th group of the 4th fleet was selected to provide escort for the delegates, led by Lieutenant Commander Feldure and Lieutenant Stones in what was know as Operation Eyes and Ears. Vizier Sankin commented on the safari "Everyone had a great time, and many animals valiantly gave their lives in service to Imperial diplomacy and the advancement of Imperial goals".When asked what those goals might be, the Vizier was not willing to comment on them entirely, but did state that he would like to see better economic cooperation between the Commonwealth and the Empire.

There are plans for the Empire to send a delegation to the Anzatan Commonwealth in the near future, Imperial officials are looking forward to that trip.


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