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Imperial Dominance in a New Era (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y12D233 by Lasidious von Feldure

Kuat, Navy HQ (IIS)-- From IIS Naval Liaison, Ensign Lucian Marcellus, Y12 D233:

Greetings, Imperials.

To commemorate the rechristening of the Imperial News Bureau into the Imperial Information Service, I wish to redress the Empire on a very important issue - the enemies of the State.

Year 12 has been a glorious year for the Empire - and by extension, the Galaxy. More and more people flock to his Imperial Majesty's banner as the Empire has ever seen proving time and again its inherent superiority and inevitable final victory over the vast babylon of scum, villainy and hypocrisy that plagues the Galaxy, and while our enemies lurk in the shadows indulging themselves with their debauched fantasies our relentless military machine has been stamping out very real threats to Galactic stability. To name a few:

The Krath, in their naive and self-delusional arrogance thought to directly assault our stalwart allies, the Mandalorians. I can only imagine what kind of sick and twisted religion could brainwash their soldiers straight into a suicide mission...oh yes, the Krath.

And the Falleen, filthy aliens as they already are, adding more to their rap sheet by having the audacity to defile Imperial Systems with their presence. All for naught and in vain - they are insects worthy of eradication, and that is what we delivered. That is also what we are to deliver when our Star Destroyers block out the sun of Falleen itself and cleanse the system of their vile reptilian occupation.

The Ailon Nova Guard with their years of unwarranted control over several rightful Imperial territories have finally buckled before the economic might of the Empire, with rule of law fully restored in these archaic sectors. Our enemies tremble not only at the might of our navies and the strength of our armies, but also at our wealth! What more evidence of our superiority do you need?

Of Eidola...indeed they have wrestled with Gods and Men, but what better proof do we have of their insanity than their entire leadership flying straight into the Maw? Perhaps they have done so in one of their drug-induced delusions? Has not the Galaxy seen enough of their stupidity, only to watch them fall into a black hole as their idea of a "grand ending"? They had claimed that in their lifetimes they had "fought for the little person", and yet what do they do - found statues of themselves made entirely of the Ryll they scam from these same people! Pathetic. Once again this only proves that the hypocrisy in this Galaxy has grown out of proportion, but again, the fact that the Empire has not only outlasted them but has repelled their attempts to destabilize the Galaxy proves our inherent superiority over the senseless rabble we have to put up with.

Speaking of rabble, the so-called "Old Republic" seemed to have a screw loose when they chose to insult our most honorable Vizier Jarek Sankin of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps - and by extension, the Empire. Must I state that in the first place, they are already out of their minds when they chose to name themselves after not only something that does no longer exist, but also was a bastion of corruption and hypocrisy...notwithstanding their unwarranted and outrageous treatment of Imperial diplomats, who offered them peace and prosperity wrapped in a gift box! Of course one must not forget the rampant hedonist oligarchy that was the Galactic Republic, from which our glorious Empire was born...perhaps we should remind them of the Declaration of a New Order once more, and show these "piss-ants from the arse end of the galaxy" (aptly put by Vizier Sankin) what-ho?

But enough of these rancid aberrations that stain the Galaxy - this shooting gallery of names, words and places will all be dealt with in time, all they do is merely delay the inevitable. It is helpful to know what words mean, however, and a thousand years from now history will be written in these words - the Galactic Empire stands for order, peace, stability and justice and nothing will stand in the way of our final victory.

In eternal vigilance,

Ensign Lucian Marcellus

Watchword of the day: The WORST form of parasite is a treasonous Imperial.