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Imperial Fleet Day Report (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y11D266 by Mikel von Bianchi

Kuat, Navy HQ (IIS)-- From our Navy Liaison, Ensign Syrus Slane:

Imperials and loyalists of the Galaxy,

Welcome to Fleet Day, a day to remember those who have fallen and those who stand to fight for the continued security of galactic space. We, the naval men and women, have come fourth to bring to you, the loyal Imperials, a showing of breath taking events designed to show naval superiority and to honor those who serve the Empire without falter. The ten fleets of the Imperial navy each undertook an event and in turn participated in bringing many interesting and creative ideas for the glory of the Empire.

Without further adieu, let me present the First fleet's air show that inspired courage and honor to those who have fallen and inspiring young Imperials a chance to see what real tie fighter pilots can manage. While this event was happening, a group of rebel star fighters managed to penetrate the airshow and the First was dispatched. Easily neutralizing the minor threat, the First celebrated with a firework show and autograph signing by their legendary commander, Kendan Tarr.

The Second and Third fleets took to the arena in a grudge match tug of war; both teams fought valiantly and scored a win. After a tense battle, the Third fleet came out on top, throwing the Second's team into the muddy pit. The Third fleet celebrated with an adult beverage party, complete with gambling. The losing team was invited, but declined the invitation. Well done, Third fleet; strength and brains are valued highly in the Empire.

The Fourth Imperial fleet led a presentation onboard the Imperial-class Star-Destroyer Apollyon, their flagship. The presentation revolved around the Sluis sector, Praesitlyn system that showed a substantial production of star ship and weapon emplacements. After a conclusive scan of the entire system, a theoretical strategy was resolved and possible plans are in the works for assaulting this valuable staging area.

The Sixth Imperial fleet brings together all of the naval modification fanatics for a once in a lifetime showing of custom built Imperial technology. Some of the most sophisticated technology in the galaxy will be decorated in a audacious fashion, signifying the navy's creative side.

The talented group of personal of the Seventh will be holding a music concert signifying their talent, service for the Empire, and charity by donating all funds to house and supply healthy, living produce to the outer rim. Well done, men and women. The navy salutes you for your generosity. The concert is scheduled on the galactic date Year 11, Day 265 and will be held at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant; please attend.

The Eighth Fleet is proud to present the first ever invitational triathlon. One pilot was chosen from every fleet to engage in a series of death defying courses and nerve racking flying conditions. The racers started with a speeder course on the surface of a classified location designed to test the racers diligence. After reaching the checkpoint, racers piloted Tie-Interceptors through the dense atmosphere up to waiting Carrack-class Cruisers. The last leg of the journey was a quick hyper space hop through to the finish line, first place was awarded to Wilhelm Draagvarg. The race was close but Arya Downing managed to just barely steal second away, as Roga McBea came in third. The racing fans were excited with this spectacle, but racers from the Second, Fifth and Ninth fleets suffered death at the hands of this deadly course. May we honor these pilots for their courage and dedication to the Empire.

The Ninth Imperial Fleet presents you the Imperial Navy Pentathlon, First Edition. Five different activities, that will test five different skills: Memory, Anticipation, Creativity, Strength and Cooking; well there is also another skill to be tested; team work. This will be a very interesting event; one that will no doubt hold great prestige for whichever team can place first.

The Tenth Fleet is conducting a training scenario designed to test the whit and abilities of Imperials that may or may not suffer star ship failure and strand themselves onto a enemy contested planet. They only have their skills and training to keep them alive, who will get rescued and who will be blasted in the sights of the enemy? Stay tuned!

Thank you, Imperial Navy, for doing your service to your Empire. You make us stronger by your unwavering dedication and pride for our all mighty Emperor.