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Imperial Justice System (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y13D298 by Guinar Ndengin

Coruscant, Imperial Palace (IIS)-- Over the past few days, attempts have been made to tarnish the Imperial Security Bureau`s reputation and the system of Imperial Justice as a whole. The late ensign Serto Kastra was found guilty of treason and high treason, and has been attempting to cast aspersions on the Imperial criminal justice system. A good opportunity to remind Imperials of how Imperial justice is meted out, and how Imperial law is upheld.

In the Empire, the Imperial Security Bureau is the agency responsible for upholding, maintaining and dispensing Imperial Law. As custodians of the New Order, they are mandated to investigate, prosecute and judge criminal cases. This system comes with the necessary checks and balances to ensure that ISB agents uphold the law, and are not above it. The Empire rose from the corrupt, nepotistic and inefficient ashes of the Republic and as reflection of the unjust practices of the past, ISB is subject to the most stringent levels of scrutiny from within itself, as well as the Throne.

1) Investigation

Transgressions against Imperial Law are recorded and filed on a centralized forum, whereby all ISB operatives have the opportunity to bring in further evidence and comment on the proceedings. This guarantees internal transparency as well as extensive case-building by operatives. Charges are not brought lightly, and only on compelling evidence.

2) Prosecution

Once sufficient evidence has been gathered, the case is handed over to the Prime Adjudicator of the Bureau, who is mandated to determine which charges will be brought forward and how the case is to be prosecuted. Upon securing the accused, the Office of Adjudication then communicates the charges levied and the suspect receives 24-48 hours to disprove the charges. The burden of proof therefore lies with the accused. The accused`s rebuttal is logged on the ISB forum, to which the Office of Adjudication can formulate a reply. Final sentencing is then done by the Prime Adjudicator, subject to approval of the ISB Director.

The Office of Adjudication is directly supervised by both the Director of ISB as well as the Grand Vizier. This to keep the proceedings professional, efficient and devoid of personal issues.

3) Judgement

Sentencing is reserved to the Prime Adjudicator, supervised by the Director of ISB. The entire process from collation of evidence to trial to judgement is monitored by both the Grand Vizier as well as the Throne. Judgements passed are reported on the ISB forum, guaranteeing internal transparency and creating precedence where applicable. Judgements are final, without the option for appeal. In case of the death penalty however, a further monitoring step is present. Requests for execution can be sent by the ISB Director to the Throne, whose members are the sole and final judges over life and death.

Imperial Justice is swift, thorough and efficient. The Imperial Justice system is founded on internal transparency and multiple monitor layers to guarantee impersonal, professional and just sentencing, whereby the defendant is given ample recourse to disprove any charges levied against him.