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Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee

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Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee
Leader Vacant
Foundation Date Year 13
Type Part Time Position
Professions Role Playing Scenarios
Members Current Members
Motto One story at a time
Application Process ISMC Staff Positions Listings
Forum Green Zone (COMMCENT)
Affiliation COMPNOR - Ministry of Culture

The Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee oversees all military and civilian simulations and scenarios within the Galactic Empire. The ISMC is responsible for generating and moderating a wide range of active simulations and roleplay scenarios that citizens can participate in at any time. From small stories told via the Imperial Personal Archives to larger tales told in structured scenarios in the Imperial Simulation Center to episodic epics with far reaching implications such as the Imperial Chronicles - there are a multitude of ways the ISMC helps bring more depth to Imperial Citizens, one story at a time.

History and Role

The infamous Golan II from the Imperial Chronicles

The ISMC was founded in year 13 as a means for the Galactic Empire's Government to better entertain and inform its populace by way of structured storytelling similar to holovision or radio broadcast. The implementation of both structured and non-structured storytelling through the ISMC's Green Zone allowed military and civilians alike to partake in Imperial sanctioned simulations and scenarios with a wide range of subjects.

Though much of its history has been lost to the annals of time, and more accurately, the necessary bureaucracy of the Galactic Empire - the ISMC has a long tradition of serving the citizens of the Galactic Empire by whatever means necessary.

Encouraging cooperative storytelling through structured scenarios and open roleplay help Imperial officers of all branches to better understand themselves and their role within the Galactic Empire overall. With a multitude of stories being told through countless efforts by Imperials of all walks of life, participating in an ISMC event or simply adding to the Imperial Personal Archives can benefit any officer. Whether they partake to improve their analytical mind, experiment with new stratagems in combat scenarios, relay valuable information regarding the contents of their character, or simply to enjoy themselves - Imperial participants in the ISC and IPA will find there is no better place in the Galaxy to tell their stories than here, with the ISMC at their back.

Striving every day to create new and interesting scenarios, the Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee works tirelessly to craft intricate and creative opportunities for participants, with brand new worlds and conflicts in which to test their mettle being debated and constructed every day. With a rotating staff of capable storytellers and moderators, the ISMC lives and dies by the stories it helps you tell.


The Director of the ISMC is responsible for the supervision and direction of the ISMC. The position of Director is appointed by the Grand Vizier and answers to the Secretary of the Coalition of Culture. The Deputy Director is to aid the Director in his duties and to also lead in the Directors's absence.

The members of the ISMC acting as the front line, they are the ones that most Imperial Citizens will see every day and interact with. They maintain a watchful eye over all the active scenarios to ensure every one is adhering to Imperial law and roleplay regulations. They are also the ones that will run ISMC sponsored events such as The Arc or Army Ball.

The Director and members of the ISMC, though responsible for moderation and design of many scenarios, are only the architects of the worlds in which the citizenry is invited to participate. At any given time, dozens of story ideas are being discussed and nurtured for future use in structured roleplay scenarios. Users of the ISMC's Green Zone forums are invited to share their ideas and implement change through formal requests to better the ISMC for everyone's benefit.

Imperial Simulation Center

The Imperial Simulation Center is the heart of the ISMC's efforts - and contains the majority of the structured scenarios that the ISMC dedicates the majority of their time to.
This is where you will find simulations involving the Imperial Military, large scale confrontations for the Army with lasting consequences - enormous battles between the Imperial Navy and their foes in the dark corners of the galaxy. There are smaller stories with only a few participants telling tales of secret operations, daring escapes and ultimate sacrifices. There is no better place to look for tales of heroism from the ranks of the Imperial Military than within the ISC.
Not to be outdone, you will also find the Imperial Civilian branches and their exploits, including structured stories from the perspectives of Governmental officers and the Ministry of Industry. Social scenarios and thrilling threads of intrigue are common themes in simulations offered by the ISMC.

Training Classes

The Imperial Simulation Center is also home to training classes where new or fledgling roleplayers can learn to tell stories cooperatively with their cohorts, and play by the rules of the ISMC while having a good time. An excellent way to improve your storytelling techniques is to participate in one of the Training Classes offered by the ISMC.

Ongoing Structured Simulations

At any given time, there are a multitude of ongoing structured roleplays, simulations and scenarios offered by the ISMC inside of the Imperial Simulation Center.
From the ongoing episodic tales of the Imperial Chronicles to the Kuat Social RP, structured scenarios with randomly generated outcomes adjusted by skill and abilities are found within the ISC. Utilizing a strict set of rules for determining successes and failures within a simulation, the ISC cooperative roleplay experiences can also be viewed as a "game" - where a participants actions can have a direct effect on the outcome of a situation.

Imperial Personal Archives

The Imperial Personal Archives are a place for Imperial Military Personnel and Civilian Personnel to file personal logs regarding their exploits within the Empire, providing they do not breach the security of their postings.
Utilizing short form storytelling and open roleplaying, participants are encouraged to tell stories from their past, and cooperate with other authors to tell multi-part stories that can span days, weeks or years of their history within the Galactic Empire, or even their time before it. With stringent rules for security, stories within the IPA are often vague in terms of location and specific details for large engagements, but can be an excellent place to compile stories for later use.


The ISMC maintains a constant presence on IRC, and can be accessed by all Imperials at #cmg-empire-ismc

Notable Events & Scenarios

The Arc

A lone Lictor like starship has been found undamaged and unowned, in slow orbit around a Black Hole. No records of its existence can be found in modern era records however and an Imperial Survey crew had been sent to find out more. Before contact was lost with the survey crew it was identified as The Ark, a legendary ship that was rumored to appear all throughout the galaxy for the last 2000 years. Rumors abound as to why it appears and disappears so randomly but all seem to agree that it is full of archeotech, a valuable resource in any conflict. Some longer lived species in the galaxy claim it is a cursed ship and are quick to abandon any endeavor to find it.
This is a ship whose rumor predates the rise of the Jedi in the galaxy, and last seen in any amount of detail during the Great Hyperspace War. Since then it has been rumored in many different locations, disappearing before any sizable force can be mounted against it.

The Army Ball

Once a year the Imperial Army shows it softer side and hosts a gala unlike any other. The list to get in is one of the most exclusive in the empire. They spare no expense in setting it up and hosting, nothing but the best foods and drinks can be found here.

Imperial Chronicles

A series of Empire-wide episodic simulations, the Imperial Chronicles are massive scale scenarios utilizing the Imperial military and civilian branches to tell an overarching story using a large number of participants over time.

The Dakshee Incident

Mysterious attacks on the Raithal Capital

The Dakshee system, an unassuming backwater part of space, has seen an uptick in activity. A buildup of Imperial industrial work along with the arrival of a large Naval and Army task force was news to the locals, unused to seeing that sort of Imperial presence. Though officially in the system to refuel and resupply, reality set in quickly as the task force came under attack from unknown assailants. Protection of the Golan II station in orbit of Dakshee III was of the utmost importance to the Empire. In short order, the set of internal conflicts and an external attacks plunged the system in crisis, forcing the Imperial taskforce into a hard fight to keep the system from being torn apart.


Details forthcoming.

Leadership of the ISMC

Preceded By:
Castiel Angelos
Lirri Elysar
Succeeded By:
Deputy Director
Preceded By:
Kal Eysar
Max Corrino
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