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Imperial Security Repels Pirate Attack (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y11D200 by Mikel von Bianchi

CORUSCANT (IIS)-- The Imperial Security Bureau has today released information regarding the rumored pirate attack upon an Imperial transport several days ago. From the steps of the Imperial Palace, a COMPNOR spokesman confirmed the attack, but downplayed its significance to the safety of the Empire.

"Yes, I can confirm that an Imperial starship was attacked by pirates while returning to Coruscant several days ago," the spokesman announced, a slight grin appearing on his face. "However, I can proudly announce that at no time was the security of the Empire at risk. In fact, what appeared to this pirate group at first to be a simple unarmed freighter was, in reality, a heavily-armored troop transport carrying several squads of Security Bureau stormtroopers home to Coruscant following their previous assignment."

From reports received by INB through various channels and sources, this is the story we've been able to piece together: the pirates, believing the ship to be unarmed and carrying large amounts of valuable materials (due to a fake manifest submitted by Imperial authorities), attacked the Imperial transport while the ship was in sublight travel through a particularly treacherous expanse of space. The Bureau Stormtroopers onboard trained their weapons on the hull breach and accepted the surrender of the small band of pirates, all of whom reportedly froze in terror at the sight of the well-trained Imperial shock troops.

We managed to reach Brigadier General Mikel von Bianchi, the Imperial Security Bureau's Chief of Enforcement, in his downtown Coruscant office. When asked about the effectiveness of the Bureau's Stormtrooper detachment, he couldn't help but smile before answering, "These troopers are not only some of the Bureau's best, they are some of the best and most fearsome troops in the entire Empire. I would pity any who had to stare down the barrels of their rifles, had those persons not already chosen a deplorable life of crime."

Imperial Security Bureau Stormtroopers are clad in the well-known and respected white armor of the Stormtrooper Corps, but are specially selected and trained for their loyalty to the Empire, as well as their ferocity and intelligence in combat. Acting under the direct command of the Imperial Security Bureau, they take on tasks that are of great importance to the security of the Empire.

"These men are absolutely, 100% loyal to the Empire," Brigadier General Bianchi stated. "Frankly, if more people were like them, I might not have a job." When asked about the group's current whereabouts, Brigadier General Bianchi replied that it was "classified," however, "I can reveal that they have received great honors from myself and the Empire. I even offered them leave time, but they declined. They want to be back out there, defending the Empire."