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Imperials Celebrate Anniversary of the Ascension of Guinar the First (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y13D328 by Elvira Falston

Coruscant, Imperial Palace (IIS)-- Imperial citizens across the galaxy are in jubilant spirits today, as they celebrate the one year anniversary of the ascension of Guinar Ndengin to the Imperial Throne, and in welcoming the citizens of Black Sun and the Tresario Star Kingdom into the warm embrace of the Imperial Union, following the recent announcement from His Majesty The Emperor himself.

Just over a year ago, the Empire was ruled by the eminent Thomas Cherokee, who had delivered the citizens of the Empire and the ideals of the New Order from a period of moral ambiguity and corruption under the previous Emperor, Vodo Bonias. Emperor Cherokee had given the Empire a new sense of purpose, a new sense of being, and citizens throughout his vast interstellar realm were shocked and hurt to hear of his intention to abdicate. "It felt like losing a father...", Kato Dorian, a citizen of Coruscant, stated, along with similar responses among citizens in the Empire its territories beyond the Galactic Core, from members of every class of the Imperial citizenry. Surely, no one was pleased to see the man who spearheaded the restoring of the Empire from years under the rule of self-serving Sith Lords depart from his justly earned position at the head of the Galaxy.

However, hope endured in the fact that Cherokee appointed his right hand and closest compatriot, Executor Guinar Ndengin, to succeed him. After donning the royal cloak, Emperor Ndengin made it clear with his steady, calm demeanour, which concealed an ambitious heart and an impassioned Imperial spirit, that he was, in every way and then some, the man the Galactic Empire needed to direct its course. Alliances have been made, traitors and conspirators have met their fates under the just auspices and rulings of Imperial law, and victory and recognition both on the field of battle and on the home front have graced our ever-evolving New Order.

In honour of His Excellency and in memory of his glorious ascension to the Throne, festivities took place all across Imperial space. An enormous military parade was held on Coruscant today, taking place on the last day of the festivities that lasted three days. At night, the Imperial Palace was lit up by the glow of spectacular fireworks. But not only Coruscant was caught in the celebratory spirit. Large parades took place on Corellia as well, where the famous artist Xyla JenKai ended the evening with a breath-taking concert. Many other planets organized large-scale events, but even on the smallest planets families came together to celebrate and spend time together, grateful for the safety provided by our Emperor and the troops risking their lives every day for our sakes.

Now, after the trials and tribulations, the triumphs and tragedies of a year gone by, we can afford to look back at the virtuous reign of our sovereign and know that, as we look ahead, our future is indeed a bright one and is being moulded by the most capable of hands.


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