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Imperials Receive Advanced Training And New Salaries (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - Imperials Receive Advanced Training And New Salaries

Posted by: Elvira Falston on Year 14 Day 3

"Good day, Imperials. I am John Stargazer, live from the Imperial Information Service. Today we are going to have a closer look at the results of the elite training and generous pay rises that the Empire’s personnel has received earlier this year. We have a series of interesting guests who will voice their opinions on these new changes. A series of questions were asked and they answered them."


A single Super Star Destroyer is seen floating in space hundreds of kilometers above, its engines blaring ferociously, accompanied by half a dozen squadrons of TIE-class fighters, and a few Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing squadrons flying by in place simulating a readiness to attack any targets that were to harass the capital ship.

The screen switches to the interior of the Star Destroyer. A senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Imperial Navy is shown standing nearby a docked TIE/in Interceptor, his arms behind his back.

"Greetings, Command Flight Sergeant Razgriz Avox. What do you think of the new training that has been illustrated via the new skill sheet document that you have received to detail your further service in the Empire?"

"The new way we train is far easier to understand, since it seems more realistic now. I’m sure we might encounter these kinds of situations sometime. It helps a lot and is definitely a great improvement."

A moment later, a junior Imperial Navy enlisted member, Flight Corporal Michael Fish, is seen adjusting his flight suit and climbing up into the cockpit of a TIE/sr Starfighter.

"What do you think about the new salaries that the Throne has announced some time ago, Flight Corporal Fish?"

"Personally, I think the salaries are a great Idea the reflect the hard work each and every Imperial does every day, as well as showing that even though the higher ranks may have more of a workload they also bring rewards as well."

Suddenly, the screen switches to a small office where an Imperial Navy officer is seated with a glass of water placed on the table in front of him. The room is decorated with pictures of Imperial Navy officers, starships, and lastly, a desk neatly placed behind them. A single, large, yet secure-looking window is built into the space to their left and separates the living area from space. Outside of the window, the light of a starlit background shines through.

"This is Commander Jorn Stones, a distinguished Imperial Navy officer who has flown and organized numerous combat missions for his unit within the Imperial Navy over a long career. So, Commander, what do you think of the new training that has been implemented in the entire Empire to meet the expectations of the Throne?"

The Commander looks up for a moment then takes the glass of water in front of him and sips it. He then replies after a few moments, carefully weighing his words before responding. "Previously, there were a lot more things to focus on and like me, many others focused on unnecessary aspects, such as aerial combat above planets. However now that our training modules have been altered to incorporate these things into larger disciplines, it became a lot easier to specialize in a certain area. Because of this trend of specialization, I now consider myself a much better Capital Ship Commander than before. In combat this will equate to more efficient use of speed, maneuverability and firepower and greatly increase our chances of winning when fighting against a ship of similar size."

Stargazer speaks to the Commander a few seconds after he finishes. "Thank you, Commander, that is all we have time for", he says. The Commander nods kindly and after two seconds, the figures seated at the table fade into darkness.

Loud sounds accompany the appearance of the inside of a colossal factory. The ceiling reaches to seemingly endless heights and the rows of machines at work seem to be infinite. The reporter is seated at a table in an office overlooking the factory. The window reveals scenes of humanoid workers contributing to the construction of vehicles, some almost completed, others barely recognizable.

The camera then moves to face a lady that is dressed in a pair of sturdy yet professional looking workers overalls suggesting that she is in charge of the operations here, she is seated in a skyscraper like office at a dark green table with a pair of small grey pit droids that are seated and deactivated to each side of her. The room is covered in models of AT-ST’s and AT-AT’s in different shapes and sizes yet the room itself still retains a sense of tidiness and efficiency. A window overlooks the inner workings of the factory, having a 360 degree view of it all. Stargazer begins to speak.

"I’d like to welcome Deputy Director Saedrial Elensar of Kuat Systems Engineering, the highly respected vehicle construction company of the Empire. Mrs Elensar has organized the construction of many of the Empire’s machines and has a long and eventful career in the Ministry of Industry, previously serving as the Second-in-Command and Chief of Operations of the Empire’s infamous droid producers, Magnaguard Manufacturing. So, Deputy Director, how successful would you consider the new training standards introduced by the Throne?"


She takes a few seconds to think over her answer and then speaks. "Anything to improve my branch and the Empire as a whole is very welcome. It will give my pilots a solid ground to perform their duties to the fullest extent possible. I know that when I first started, it would have been helpful to have what we have now."

"Understood, Director." Stargazer then takes a moment to browse through some text on his datapad and then asks another question. "What is your opinion on the new salaries that have been incorporated into the Empire?"

The Director then immediately answers: "I think that it is well-deserved. I am pleased to see that the revenues are high enough that we can properly reward our pilots and troops for their efforts. Then again, for me personally, it was never about the pay. But it is wonderful to see a smile on my workers’ faces."

With that said, the scene of the two people fades away once more into blackness. Moments later, the reporter is seen approaching a large governmental skyscraper. The reporter is guides by one of the staff members and brought to a large office. He takes a seat at a chair that faces a wall with a large screen that buzzes to life. The screen then splits and shows two figures, one on each side of the screen in a portrait-like fashion. They are identified as Provisional Prefect Jon Led, and Senior Prefect Everard de Montfort, both from the Regional Government. The reporter begins the interview.

"Greetings, gentlemen. A shame we could not meet in person, but thankfully we have technology to solve that issue." The two men reply with a short nod. With that done, the interviewer looks over to Everard de Montfort, asking him about the new training programmes implemented in the administration of each Imperial sector. De Montfort smiles at the man and replies: "I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction to better qualify people for certain roles within the Empire. It also gives personnel a goal to work towards in regards to what skill-set they need to qualify for certain positions."

The reporter then turns to Prefect Led and confronts him with the same question he asked the Commander and Deputy Director before that, concerning the Empire’s new salaries. The Provisional Prefect answers immediately. "Very good. We now have salaries that could entertain some new and old Imperials."

"Do you think that what has been done in terms of the new training and salaries that has been implemented in the Empire and specifically your branch and unit, is better or worse than before?"

Provisional Prefect Jon Led speaks first. "I’d say both. Not that many recruits will be interested to join the Regional Government branch at first, so we might get fewer new members." Everard then speaks a moment after him. "There is definite improvement though I don’t expect to see any major differences."

"So gentlemen, do you have anything else to add to that?" Each shake their heads and the screen fades back to the studio where the show began. "That concludes these interviews. Unfortunately the Imperial Army was unable to be interviewed due to operational reasons. This was a special report from the Imperial Information Service. Tune in again next time. Long live the Emperor and Empire."