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Imperium Tenax Prospiti

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Galactic News Service - "Imperium Tenax Prospiti"

Posted by Moff Correll Aintab

Year 3 Day 273

In the deep blackness of space, the large dagger-like hulls of many powerful warships adorn the scene, surrounded by the tiny white pinpricks that make up the stars. The blue aura of their engines brightens the space around them, adding to the light cast by a distant star. A tall figure stands at the fore of bridge on the lead of these powerful ships, looking out past the superstructure unto the scene that lay before him. He turned, and looked to the communications officer in the port crew pit to open communications to all ships. The officer once looked back, and nodded his head. The figure began to speak.

"Once more, the Galactic Empire is victorious," he said.

"Though you are all aware of the happenings of these past few days, I offer this recollection of events from the third-person to you to serve as an overview," the figure said. He paused for a moment, breathed deeply, and continued.

"Last week, the Ubiqtorate placed forces from the Centurion Battle Group in the Deep Core Region along the borders of the Dark Empire. This group acts as the lead of all other battle groups in the Rebellion," the Moff said, "and we have chased it from this region. Imperial forces from the Second Sector Fleet, the First Assault Fleet and the Dark Empire under the command of myself and Grand Admiral Lodge arrived at the secret rendezvous of the battle group and moved to engage it."

"The propagandists in the Rebellion, reeling from their first real taste of defeat, have already labeled their hasty withdrawal as a calm and collective jump into hyperspace and even went so far as to accuse us, the fulfillers of their fate, of incompetence," he breathed. "This is false. Our fleet dropped out of hyperspace at their location and encountered all but one Mon Calamari Cruiser of the MC-80a class for several hours. Some of the highest-ranking members of the Rebellion were present; Vice Admiral Van Talisman, and even the Jedi Nero. It was at this point that their fear and cowardice took center stage. In their haste to flee the might of the Galactic Empire, the Rebellion abandoned a small freighter carrying the lieutenant-general of the battle group`s marines and two unprepared Carrack-class light cruisers with full crew compliment. These men—`loyal` followers to the `cause` the Rebellion uses as an excuse to create sympathy while wreaking havoc—were deserted by their superiors. They do not know loyalty to their own, respect, or camaraderie as we do," he stated.

"Imperial fighters converged on the position of the two capital ships and fired a total of 120 missiles. The first, the Triumph, was destroyed with over eight-hundred crew aboard. The second, the Antares, managed to limp into hyperspace with its shields down, heavy damage to its hull and an untold number of dead aboard. Imperial casualties were minor. The collective sacrifice of those men will be forever remembered and avenged," the Moff finished.

"Let this be a lesson to all those who would stand against us—the New Order. If they are as brash and foolish as to do so, the might of the Galactic Empire will destroy them," Aintab said. He motioned towards the communications officer, and the transmission ended.

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