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Jareth Holdan

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Jareth Holdan
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Presumed Dead
Father Presumed Dead
Spouse None
Siblings None Known
Children None Known
Born Year -4 Day 57
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Recruit
Prior Service None
Awards None

Early Life

Childhood and Adolescence

Jareth was born on the 57th day of the 4th year preceding the modern galactic era on an unnamed world. Born a slave and separated from what family he might have had, his parentage is unknown at this time. Not much is known of his childhood though there are a few key defining moments that merit discussion. Firstly is the nature of his slavery; indentured servitude to alien races and chiefly, a Nimoidian master. Many of Jareth's scars, both physical and mental come from these early years as a slave and have fueled his hatred towards all non human races. Sometime during his adolescence, conflicting accounts range from his 6th all the way to his 12th year, he received the first of many scars to come. Jareth's early life had him serving in one of the many desert biomes of his home planet and as a child, found comfort in building sand castles in the dunes between shifts. His creations became so elaborate that by the time he was in his teens, he had created a model of the nearest starport down to the tiniest of details out of the sand of the wastes. His Nimoidian overlord found far less entertainment in the boy's hobby and dragged him all across the dunes until he had made Jareth watch him destroy every single one his creations that was still standing along with furiously whipping him throughout the journey. The trauma aside, his passion for building and creating grew out of defiance of his master's will and would further develop the man he would become and the skills he would all but master in adulthood.

The Teen Years

From age of 12 to 19 would see the most development for Jareth as a man. He took his sand castle hobby to new heights and began helping rebuild and construct new domiciles for his fellow slaves, his creations growing more and more elaborate while simultaneously being more cost effective material wise. Eventually he had so many requests from his fellow slaves, that he had to start enlisting other to assist him. From singular one family homes to full favela style residential districts, Jareth found himself managing a network architects and engineers and completing projects half a world away purely through holo comms. Eventually, the overlords of his Nimoidian master caught wind of this upstart slave and sent one of their agents to observe and report back on the activity. When they received the account of what exactly was going on, rather than order the activity to cease, they contacted the Nimoidian master of Jareth personally.

Adulthood (pre Empire)

On his 20th nameday, Jareth found himself face to face with one of the Hutt overlords of the planet. He was no longer a slave to the Nimoidian that had whipped and beat him throughout his younger years, but a servant to the overlords of the planet itself. Much of the world had fallen into disarray. Infrastructure had been poorly maintained if at all, and much of even the non slave residential, commercial and industrial zones had fallen into states of such disrepair, it was a wonder any of them were still inhabited or worked in. Jareth, his architectural and engineering skills having been acknowledged, was set to task. For a slave, he had been given quite a bit of leeway and power. No more did he have to wear a shock collar, his dirty rags were traded in for more socially acceptable attire and his back no longer felt the sting of a whip. For all intents and purposes, he was a project manager, THE project manager of the entire planet in fact. Collapsing residential zones were rebuilt into metropolises under his guidance, industrial zones made safe to work in again and commercial hubs with barely any traffic became somewhat thriving centers of commerce. He had been born a slave, but in the final years before joining the Empire, he had rebuilt a planet. It was during this time that he first saw the written word and was immediately fascinated by it. Drawn mostly to galactic Basic as it was the most common language spoken among the human slaves he grew up with, he taught himself not only to read but to write as well. He began reading great works of philosophy and architecture allowed to do so only because he claimed it would help him in his endeavors which was true, but not the only reason. An educated slave, is a dangerous slave. It was when he found a book about the Galactic Empire that his life changed forever.

Adulthood (joining the Empire)

On the first day of the 21st standard year, Jareth finally made his escape. The New Republic, having outlawed slavery and finding Jareth's homeworld now within their borders, invaded with a liberation force after the Overlords refuse to end the practice. In the chaos, Jareth managed to make his way to a docking bay that he knew had the only ship he could use to escape the planet. The only ship with a hyperdrive not rigged to explode. Jareth had flown many times across the planet and to the various asteroids for material prospecting for his projects and had taken the time to reverse engineer the self destruct code all slave used freighters had programmed into them. Apparently, his former master, the Nimoidian, had still been keeping tabs on him and was also aware of the unique ship and was already in the cockpit when Jareth arrived. Not much is known about the encounter but initial reports gathered at the time of the ship's arrival and landing on the planet of Prakith indicate that some sort of scuffle had ensued. The Nimoidian was dead long before the freighter arrived in Imperial space. After some interrogation by II, Jareth was given a choice; imprisonment or enrollment in the Imperial Academy. The fact this article exists, should be clue enough as to what choice the young human made...