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Jedi Brought to Justice (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Jedi Brought to Justice"

Posted by: Mikel von Bianchi on Year 13 Day 177

From the Great Temple in ET 5-1 on Korriban (283, 314).

KORRIBAN (IIS) - Details released today indicate that the Order of the Sith extracted justice against a former member of the secretive organization, with Jedi Azrakh Raleep, once a Lord of the Sith, having been executed in the halls of the ancient Sith temple on Korriban. Raleep, having come to public attention most recently by defecting to the Jedi Order and releasing several trivial but internal Sith communications via the Galactic News Service, had been on the run from the Order of the Sith for many months. It appears however that the defector was not able to sustain an edge over the pursuing Galactic Empire for long.

Although no media were present for the proceedings, various reports began to trickle out to the public, including a claimed holocapture of the execution, causing a moment of candour by Director Mikel von Bianchi, leader of the Order of the Sith: "Azrakh Raleep left the Sith when he discovered that the mandate of our Order is to safeguard the galaxy from the improper use of the Force through the guidance of the Imperial Throne. He betrayed his brothers in the Sith in an opportunistic display of self-aggrandizement and the allure of power that the Jedi Order promises."


The Noghri traitor is known to have concocted a story regarding his 'calling to the light' while simultaneously downloading whatever data he could obtain from the Order's unclassified databanks, before defecting to the Jedi Order on the heels of their earlier acceptance of disgraced Sith member, Dorian Tecto. Both situations highlight the relaxation in the Jedi Order's membership policies, expressing their desperate attempt to survive in both the face of the growing attraction of the Sith Order to force sensitives throughout the galaxy, but their own waning influence within the Galactic Alliance.

Lord Bianchi continued, "I have to question the mindset of the Jedi Order, to have admitted these dangerous, power-mad individuals to their order. The Jedi continue to stifle the development of a more peaceful galaxy, as they weave a web of lies and deception based upon their brand of ritualistic mysticism that culminated in the destruction of the Jedi Order after their millennia-long manipulation of the Galactic Republic. Even the unstable leadership of the New Republic realises the danger the Jedi Order poses; and we can see this through the pulling of much support to the Jedi Order. The recent founding of their own government on the backs of the Arkanian Royal Engineers as a means of vying for greater influence within the Galactic Alliance is an example of their lust for power."


Analysis of the fall of the Republic released by the Coruscant University's Faculty of Force Studies demonstrates how the Jedi sought to perpetuate the fairy-tale that they were guardians of the 'light'. Clever manipulation of legends, and displays of their Force abilities fostered the citizens of the galaxy to stand in awe of their religion, and to accept the Jedi as saviours across thousands of worlds in a secretive effort to obtain political influence for the Jedi Order.

Documented evidence cited in the analysis demonstrates how the Jedi Order turned a blind eye to crime, injustice, and poverty in their pursuit of their own goal of secret galactic domination. The most prominent of the citations prior to the Clone Wars, where the Jedi Order's ambitions came into public light, was the arrest of Jedi Master Boonwar by the Alderaanian Royal Guard. The influential figure on Alderaan was taken into custody after it was discovered that the Jedi Order's representative had been engaging in manipulation of the operation of the government, and using the Force to overcome the minds of prominent nobles to sway political decisions toward options desired by the Jedi Council.


In contrast to the insidious nature of the Jedi, the Order of the Sith has been sworn to uphold the ideals of His Majesty the Emperor, and the Imperial vision of a New Order for the galaxy. A New Order in which justice reigns, and citizens are not required to worship the Jedi or the Sith as demi-gods to which tribute and decisions of importance should be deferred.

Commenting on the execution itself, Lord Bianchi gave some of the details: "[After his] execution, in which Raleep was beheaded in the ancient manner of Sai Cha - a tactic reserved for dangerous Jedi - his body was disposed of in the sun of the Korriban system. Relics of his existence will stand forever in the archives of the Great Temple, as an example to the Jedi and the galaxy of the fate that awaits traitors and those who would oppose the New Order."