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Jedi Exterminated By New Sith Lord (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y9D277 by Orphaea Imperium

Coruscant (IIS)-- Rumours already precede the return of Lieutenant Geno Krall to his Legion, but today, a statement has been released by Darth Vraith. We will proceed to give you the full content of said release.

A cloaked figure appears on screen, his hood is folded back, revealing the face of Darth Vraith.

"Mere weeks ago, a feeble Jedi claimed to have seen the light of Darkness, and wanted to join the ranks of the Sith. His name? Aurelius Brutus. He claimed he was being "held back" by his tutors, not able to fully tap into his potential. We have shown him the path of the Sith; it is not a forgiving one."

"Lieutenant Krall of the Imperial Army has been training with Sith Lady Zerona Corinth for some time now, and it was time for him to pass his rite of initiation. He has indeed passed it, and will from now on carry the title of Sith Lord. Lord Krall took command of an Imperial Carrack-class Cruiser and proceeded to a rendezvous with the Jedi. I have received the following transmission before Lord Krall ordered the ship back to Coruscant."

The image of Darth Vraith is replaced by a man in an officer's uniform of the Imperial Army, without any rank insignia. His face is covered in blood, and his right hand holds a bloody Vibroblade. Upon closer inspection you notice that his lower jaw is clearly an artificial replacement of the original.

"It is done."

As if to provide proof, a lightsaber hovers above his opened and extended left hand, suspended by the Force. Then the image changes back to Darth Vraith.

"I am hereby awarding Lord Krall with the Imperial Bronze Star for his actions in enticing and subsequently eliminating an enemy of the State; a Jedi. Lord]] Krall will continue to serve in the Imperial Army in his current assignment."

"I would also like to take this opportunity to commend the Imperial Navy and its senior staff in accommodating Lord Krall with this vessel on very short notice."

The image of Darth Vraith vanishes as the Sith Master turns away.