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Jedi Sympathizers Arrested on Coruscant (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Jedi Sympathizers Arrested on Coruscant "

Posted by: Nikai Tonnak on Year 17 Day 080

CORUSCANT (IIS) - The University of Coruscant was rocked this week by the discovery of a small group of anti-Imperial activists. A spate of minor vandalism on campus, especially around the Jorus Taiden Hall for Spacial Navigation, was put down by campus security as the mere hijinx of drunk students. The increasingly anti-Imperial nature of these acts drew the attention of the Imperial Security Bureau and a low priority investigation was launched into activity on and around the university campus.

However events suddenly escalated when the Imperial Port Authority was notified by an automated system when a flagged individual boarded a transport shuttle to Coruscant. The shuttle was tracked by Lieutenant Commander Kef Drenall off the 1st Imperial Fleet as it entered the atmosphere of the capital planet. Upon embarking, the individual was detained by ISB and identified as Shaan Sull, a member of the academic branch of the illegal Jedi Order.

Custody of the prisoner was transferred to the Department of the Inquisition, with Imperial Intelligence taking over the investigation. While no official report has been released so far, it is believed that partisans of the Jedi were behind the acts of vandalism in an attempt to influence young Imperial students. The interrogation of Shull lead to several arrests and the discovery of a cell of Jedi sympathizers holed up in an apartment block in the 179th district of Coruscant. No students of the university itself were arrested.

The group who clearly started as anti-authority protestors were brought under the spell of these religious fanatics and without the intervention of the authorities would have become more deeply entrenched as pawns in the Jedi's pitiful schemes. The culprits have been relocated to a centre for re-education to reverse the conditioning they had suffered from at the hands of Sull and his fellows.