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Justitia Imperialis - Imperial Prisoner (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Justitia Imperialis - Imperial Prisoner #2975642"

Posted by: Guinar Ndengin on Year 14 Day 60

From the Imperial Palace in Coruscant 9,1 on Coruscant (-15, 88). -51).

CORUSCANT (IIS) - In a rare public appearance broadcast across the Empire today, Emperor Ndengin I executed the New Republic Chief of State, Cheda Quche after being found guilty of espionage, war atrocities, and committing and supporting acts of terrorism against the Galactic Empire. The death of Quche marks yet another tremendous setback for the New Republic and Galactic Alliance and poses serious questions regarding the state of the New Republic's security. In a succinct brief released by the Imperial Throne it was confirmed that the execution of Quche by a single shot to the temporal area after summary sentencing was made possible through the successful delivery of an Imperial Warrant by the notorious Bounty Hunter, Fleur De 'Rouge.

According to reports made available to the Imperial Information Service, agent provocateur Fleur De 'Rouge delivered the disgraced Chief of State to the Emperor and Executor in orbit of Coruscant. Anonymous sources intimate that the capture was made possible by playing on the vendetta against Quche by Director of New Republic Intelligence, Wedge Achilles; one of Cheda's most vocal opponents in many debates within the political machinery of the failing Republic. The source highlights that it was Achilles who vouched for De 'Rouge's reliability, a vital element of trust that provided a pivotal rouse in the mission to arrest the Chief of State. This fact raised significant concern regarding the supposedly-vaunted ability of the New Republic's security forces in not only allowing their principal to expose himself to danger in pursuit of frivolous goals, but also how exactly they gave a known bounty hunter and criminal figure such access. Conspiracy theorists have commented that with the controversial election result still fresh in the minds of many New Republic senators, it should come as no surprise that Quche's capture has come at a most opportune time for certain individuals in the college elect.


The loss of the head of the New Republic government and key member of the Galactic Alliance is one of many signs of its growing ineptitude. Military observers point to the Krath Dynasty's decision to send its entire military to Derra IV, which has left not only their borders open and undefended, but many of their core worlds as well. In similar vein, the New Republic has dispatched the entirety of its ground forces to Derra IV after the Krath's military signalled the need for reinforcements after the arrival of the Imperial Army's 3rd Legion. The seemingly reckless abandonment of regular protection of Galactic Alliance citizens as vast swathes of the Alliance's military are deployed to a single planet raises glaring security concerns.

"If the Republic could not even protect its single most important person," asked Captain Elcid Barrett of the Imperial Tactical Assessment Group, "how could they possibly hope to protect the average citizen?" Reports have reached Imperial Intelligence that many Republic citizens have recently secured themselves in their domiciles, rarely leaving their homes for provisions as crime levels around Galactic Alliance worlds show a sharp rise as a result of the mass military restationing. Rebel citizens fear further losses of protection as the Alliance seemingly obsesses over a planet that is not even within their territory; fears that could lead to complete destabilisation of an already-strained Galactic Alliance that has seen its fair share of inter-member squabbles and public clashes over minute superficial differences.

The apathy shown by New Republic security forces has been further evidenced by the revelation of undisclosed Republic sources that the military was not even put into a heightened state of alert after New Republic officials realised that the Chief of State had been arrested. Bizarrely, the New Republic did not mobilise a single military unit to try to recapture the Chief of State, nor was any diplomatic contact attempted with the Empire to secure his release. Afforded no chance to send a signal to summon a rescue from nearby military units, it appears that high ranking members of the Advisory Council instead nominated to concoct a story whereby Quche was able to send one last signal. Logs of Quche's questioning by the Imperial Courts show that Quche was not able to send any messages to the Republic due to the speed of Miss De 'Rouge's arrest, and that after futile attempts to bribe his captor, he lapsed into ever increasing periods of lethargy in resigning himself to his inexorable fate - mirroring the apathic response from the New Republic he once, however briefly, led.


In contrast to the Republic's response to the capture of their Chief of State, the regime was quick to embargo any discussion of Cheda's disappearance within the Republic, and soon after announced Cheda's presumed death and minimisation of his loss as "just one man".In addition, New Republic official records have indicated that Cheda Quche resigned as Chief of State, a turn of events seen widely as an obvious fabrication of official records that has only heightening the level of suspicion of an internal power struggle within the Advisory Council.

An eye witness reported that when forced to kneel before the Emperor, Cheda Cuche remained defeated, impotent, and lacked defiance. After the Execution was concluded, the Emperor issued assurance that the Empire will not relax its vigil or the war against anarchy, but will continue to uphold the high standards which will bring order and security to the galaxy, and most importantly, protecting its citizens at all times.