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Ki Virtu

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Ki Virtu
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Chi Virtu
Father Lim Virtu
Born Year -21, Day 51
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Prior Service CEO Sienar Fleet Systems
Deputy Director- Ministry of Industry
Administrator-Coalition for Improvements
Governor of Drall, Corellia System
Awards MOM.jpg IABG-H.jpg

A foundation of turmoil laid the groundwork for the swaying structure that is Ki Virtu’s life. Since his childhood, his life consisted of a mental struggle to suppress the dreamer inside himself and also a material struggle to live comfortably. Without the guidance on how to deal with his internal conflict, this uncharismatic human made very poor personal choices in his youth. His determination, however, got him within reach of attaining a position within the Imperial High Command before falling into oblivion.

Early Years


While Ki Virtu was in utero, several days before his due date, a severe sandstorm was forecast. Labor was induced so that Ki and his parents could return home before the storm arrived. “Being pulled into the world before I was done cooking,” Ki would say, “is the reason I was such a nervous and impatient child.” Ki Virtu was born on the 61st day of Year -20 in the agricultural town of Motesta located on the Circle Route of Tatooine. His father, Lim Virtu, was a pourstone mason and his mother, Chi Virtu, was a governess.

Both parents had a strong work ethic but they showed little personality. Lim Virtu was often away on business and rarely talked when he was home. Ki’s mother was an especially perplexing creature. As a governess, she staunchly believed that education was paramount yet she showed no passion in learning. For her, knowledge was a tool to be used to navigate through life and avoid starving to death. Ki developed into a much different person. He would easily neglect his practical studies whenever he had the chance to study abstract or artistic subjects. Though Ki was closest with his mother, their different personalities prevented them from developing an emotional relationship.

Growing Up on Tatooine

In Year -2, Ki had no interest in the employment opportunities in Motesta. Living on a trade route exposed Ki the more diverse opportunities on Tatooine. With no motivation to stay at home and an overwhelming curiosity, Ki paid some Jawas to apprentice onboard their sandcrawler. At the beginning, he worked very hard digging scrap out of the sand, greasing sandcrawler parts, and cleaning droids. Initially, Ki put up with the harsh conditions as part of his initiation, even paying for rent and for his own food; but a year passed with no change and he was worse off than when he started. The belly of the sandcrawler was an inhospitable place and Ki became thin and frail, getting sick often.

Ki had thought he was clever, the year before, being the first human to work for a Jawa but he realized why it wasn’t done. He learned that being a pioneer simply to be the first at something was best left in the melodramatic holovid programs. Ki finally learned the lesson of practicality his mother tried to get him to understand. When the sandcrawler arrived at Mos Eisley, Ki jumped out before the boarding ramp touched the ground. He found a shopkeeper that would feed him in exchange for labor.

Graduation photo recovered from BST Officer Training file.

Ki kept his head down and led a sensible life; and after three years, Ki was a well-respected shop clerk with his own apartment.

Ki spent the next several years working for merchants on Tatooine. Over the years, the monotony of clerking for small businesses eroded Mr. Virtu’s pragmatic mentality. Boredom and lack of opportunity motivated him to leave Tatooine. As soon as he saw a recruitment poster for a transport company, he settled his affairs and enlisted into Blue Sabre Transport Company. Ki Virtu started Year 5 traveling among the stars.

Rise of Mr. Virtu during the Rule of the Sith

Commander Virtu’s Fleet Patch.

Mr. Virtu had the misfortune of entering into Imperial service during a turbulent and lengthy period of the Empire’s history called the Rule of the Sith. Within just a few years, he went from being an ore jockey for a nationalized transportation faction to being the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Industry as a part of COMPNOR. Ki grew very proud of his accomplishments. The speed of his promotions gave him a satisfaction that it truly was his destiny to be a great person. Unknown to him at the time, however, was that his promotions were only partially due to his hard work. The greatest factor in Ki’s rise was that he was merely advancing into positions left vacant by Imperial leadership immigrating to NIO.

Blue Sabre Transportation

Within a year of leaving Tatooine, Ki was commanding a fleet of bulk freighters tasked with supplying the Galactic Empire in their development of Thyferra. It was during that time he became personally acquainted with some of the Imperial leadership. Uther von Kaldreon personally recommended to the Emperor that Mr. Virtu take over SFS when it needed a new CEO.

Sienar Fleet Systems

At the end of Year 6, Micheal Townsend left to join the New Imperial Order and Sienar Fleet Systems needed a new CEO. The Galactic Empire appointed Mr. Virtu to the position and Ki was given the governorship of Drall in the Corellian system. There were several growing pains for him while leading a faction with no experience, but he managed to build an effective production infrastructure. Mr. Virtu had never been more proud of himself than when he saw the multitudes of TIE series fighters pour out of his factories.


While still the CEO of Sienar Fleet Systems, Ki Virtu became Deputy Director for the Ministry of Industry in COMPNOR. For the next three years he manufactured Imperial fighters for the Navy, salvaged Imperial companies left abandoned by the record number of defections, and developed planets for the regional Moffs. He received the Medal of Merit for the duties he performed during his time at COMPNOR.

Governor of Drall

Planet Drall.

While governor of Drall, Ki also developed an interest in the local folklore of Drall. The expansion of SFS factories created tension with the Drallians: some believed his factories promoted the economy, yet others believed they disrupted Drall’s eco-tourism. After a year of studying them, he became acquainted with the native population and often funded local ibbot aviaries.

After intense diplomacy, Mr. Virtu was allowed to participate in a Drallian rite-of-passage ritual that involved slicing the base of the ear so that the ear lay flat against the head. Unfortunately, Ki’s human physiology retained the nerve endings at the base of the ear, unlike the Drallians, and he screamed throughout the entire ceremony. The Drallians were divided on whether Mr. Virtu was brave or foolish. The action further reinforced the division among the native population.

Reclusion of Mr. Virtu

In Year 9, the New Imperial Order and the Galactic Empire reunited. A new age of peace and prosperity began. That, however, was when it all came crashing down for Mr. Virtu. The talented leadership of the NIO had returned and reclaimed the positions Mr. Virtu had filled when they left. Ki lost his position at SFS and was consistently transferred down to lesser positions in the Ministry of Industry. In frustration, Ki petitioned the throne directly for guidance. Emperor Vodo Bonias personally directed Orphaea Imperium to find a place for Mr. Virtu.

At the end of Year 10, Ki was placed into Central Government working for the Coalition for Improvements as an Administrator. A year later, after Emperor Bonias abdicated, Ki found himself assigned to backwater planets with no orders. His supervisors were all strangers from the NIO and Ki did not know how to turn his career around. After months with no contact from his Moff supervisor, Ki suffered from a depression. He only then realized that he had been impulsive and ignorant of his political environment from the very beginning of his career. The lessons of his mother haunted him again; walking with your head in the clouds will lead your feet into the sarlacc. He sent word to his supervisor that he was taking a sabbatical and returning to Drall. There, he sat in his ibbot aviaries, meditating and breeding ibbots for the next seven years until returning to Imperial service in Year 18.


Hubba Gourd Tea

During his days on Tatooine, hubba gourd juice was plentiful. Ki had made the habit of adding sugar to it to cut the sourness. Forgetting to put his juice container back into cool storage, Ki discovered that his juice fermented slightly. Adding tea and more sugar made it quite palatable and a little intoxicating, although it was an acquired taste. As a Bulk Freighter pilot, caf was often in short supply. Ki would often resolve this by simply brewing hubba gourd tea instead of caf while in hyperspace. The drink became a staple for Ki and he made sure he had a steady supply of it no matter where he was deployed.

Colonial Shockball League- SFS Sithrays

Virtu’s Colonial Shockball team.

Just after Ki VIrtu reopened Sienar’s factories, The Colonial Shockball League was formed by Troon Kebris. Upon hearing of the new sports league, Ki invested significant private funds into its development. Seeing it as an opportunity to provide some entertainment as well as some advertising, Mr. Virtu bought the Kaminoian Longnecks and changed its name to the Sienar Fleet Sithrays. In the league’s second season, he bankrolled a cup competition to coincide with the regular season; the prize being a custom GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat. The CSL suffered from many problems and the season ended after the first game of season two. The Sithrays lost their only game to the TGM Thrashers 50-54.

Raising Ibbots

Ibbots are avian creatures of varying sizes native to Drall and an important source of eco-tourism for planet Drall. Initially, Ki Virtu built a small aviary for himself to house a few ibbots in the attempt to create a calming meditative spot. When negotiating with the Drallians to expand his factories, he built several large conservation aviaries in an effort to win the favor of the native population.

It was during his reclusion that the ibbots were of the most value to Ki. Mr. Virtu had tried to find the balance between art and pragmatism. He would tend to the gardens and the algae blooms that fed the ibbots, studying the empirical sciences just like Chi Virtu had asked him to do. Yet Ki was also inspired by the creatures to paint and sculpt. They helped him find that balance and he was able to return to work in the Empire. The birds still held a special significance to Ki long after he returned to Imperial service in Year 18. He returned to Drall as often as he could to spend time in his aviaries.


Award Name Given By
MOM.jpg Medal of Merit [MOM] Vodo Bonias
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate-Honors [IABG-H] Angelus Devaron