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Kuati Sector to Enter New Era (ING)

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CORUSCANT (IIS) – The Imperial Throne announced today the appointment of Wummer Malephar to the position of Moff of Kuat Sector and celebrated the announcement in splendid fashion at an inaugural ceremony in Kuat City. A Sector Adjutant from the Coruscant Oversector, Malephar replaces Moff Adar Machkhit, who is leaving the Regional Government to return to service in the Imperial Navy. Machkhit, in his long career, also served as the Empire's liaison to the Imperial Union, Grand Vizier of COMPNOR, Director of Imperial Intelligence, and Naval Chief of Staff. His experience as a Lord Admiral of the Imperial Navy made Machkhit the logical choice to oversee Kuat Sector, the heart of the Empire's shipbuilding industries. Also coming from a Navy background is former Sector Adjudant Wummer Malephar, who came to the position of Moff after a stint in the Imperial Navy and a long career in the Ministry of Industry, culminating in the Directorship of Cloud City, before joining the Imperial Regional Government. His own experiences in the Navy and Ministry of Industry make him uniquely suited to succeed Moff Machkhit.

Under Machkhit's leadership, Kuat Sector revitalised its production infrastructure, which had flagged in the final years of Emperor Vodo Bonias' rule. Moff Machkhit also increased the resource inflow and reforged a flagging administrative staff into an efficient and attentive machine. Perhaps the most impressive of Machkhit's achievements is the construction and completion of the massive Kuat Naval Base, the eastern bulwark of the Imperial defense network. Emperor Ndengin himself remarked, “To have completed a full Naval base in so short a time is a remarkable achievement in itself. To have developed an entire administrative sector at the same time - that is dedication above and beyond the call of duty.” As Machkhit's replacement, Malephar will work to increase the commercial traffic within the sector and streamline the transfer system that currently runs between the Kuat Naval Yard and the Imperial Academy at Coruscant.

Amid cheering crowds, fluttering banners, and a flyover by detachments from the 2nd Imperial Fleet, Wummer Malephar was officially sworn in as Moff of Kuat Sector by Emperor Ndengin in Zoeterwoude Square, the heart of Kuat City. Roughly 500,000 Kuati and offworlders packed the square, eager to catch a glimpse of their beloved Emperor and to participate in the momentous occasion. Moff Machkhit was in attendance, as were other high-ranking Imperial officials, including Executor Seele and High Moff Tanez Kalrade. To mark this singular moment in the history of the Kuat Sector, Emperor Ndengin gave a speech detailing his gratitude to Machkhit for turning “the backwater of Kuat Sector into a jewel in our crown, and established the sector as a mighty breakwater against the chaotic storm of rebels and criminals that seek to do harm to our Empire.” The Emperor lauded both Machkhit's and Malephar's devoted service to the New Order, and presented them to the public as examples of what all loyal Imperial subjects could achieve.

Asked for comment, High Moff Kalrade expressed his thanks to Machkhit “for his many years of time spent progressing the sector of Kuat to its current status.” Kalrade also expressed his pleasure at welcoming “one of my own staff members that I have spent much time training personally...May your leadership skills take the Kuat Sector to the next level and status that is expected from Imperial Sectors.” Malephar will be transferring from his personal residence to the Moff's Residence in Kuat City within the week, and will be presenting his vision for Kuat Sector to the Council of Moffs later this month.