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Lesson Learned (ING)

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Empress Teta (INB) - Over the past few days, tendrils of confusion and uncertainty spread themselves through the Imperial ranks, mired in the ambiguity of rumor. From what our representatives were able to uncover, Lieutenant Junior Grade Tareg DaRuup was executed less than forty-eight hours ago. According to those closest to the former lieutenant, he had been assigned a mission, with a TUDOR-Level security classification, veiled in secrecy and known only to those in the highest echelons of the Imperial War Machine. Initializing Imperial News Bureau's direct line to the Office of the Executor, our staff submitted a request for further information, but our link was quickly redirected to a heavily encrypted holo-channel, which originated from an indeterminable location. Three individuals who identified themselves as Lords Volentus, Bianchi and Raleep, division leaders of the Obsidian Temple, Sith, and Krath divisions of the Order of the Dark Hand, respectively, proceeded to reveal the events that transpired regarding the death of the lieutenant. We have replicated and reformatted the message for your viewing:

Today, a loyal and hardworking Imperial was executed. It would be unbecoming to validate his time in the Empire with an elaborately constructed myth revolving around some sort of rebel assassination plot, so we'll present the information we have to you as it stands, began Lord Bianchi in a cold, yet straightforward manner.

This time the voice that spoke belonged to Lord Raleep, his speech raspy and hollow. "DaRuup's classified assignment was Sith training. As he trained, he was instructed to retain his post within the Imperial Navy. Although the lieutenant's uncompromising and hostile nature had been problematic in the past, he was allowed to join the Order of the Dark Hand. Some rearrangements were even made within the Ninth Imperial Fleet in an attempt to avoid escalating the situation; the issues were thought to have been solved. Only weeks into his training, he demonstrated a resurgence of the hapless arrogance he'd shown with his previous mannerisms... Namely, by questioning the Sith Triumvirate. He was quickly put in his place, and suffered dire consequences for his actions. It seems, however, DaRuup was a slow learner."

As if continuing the previous Lord's own thought, Darth Volentus spoke up in a voice strikingly similar to Raleep's. "In the following days, the insolent child continued down the path he so stubbornly walked... Thus, a plan was put into action to remove this wretched thorn from the Empire's side, once and for all."

Raleep smiled, his mouth curving somewhat unnaturally upward, revealing his pointed teeth. "And so, Darth Volentus began a hunt, and as I'm sure you are aware by now, completed it."

"We do hope it's obvious what happens to those who put themselves before our Empire, and before the Order of the Dark Hand," came Bianchi's voice once again. "Our reach is far, our retribution grave. May this serve as a lesson to all Imperials."

While the Bureau had little more to report on the situation, the identities of those in the transmission were quickly confirmed, leading to more action on the Bureau's behalf. Representatives quickly proceeded in attempting to contact Moff Raleep and Colonel Bianchi directly, however both refused to make any further statements on the execution. The Bureau currently has no method of contacting Darth Volentus, and as of yet has not managed to discover a method which might lead to realizing that possibility. The Imperial News Bureau will, of course, keep you, the Imperial populace, updated as more information is released.