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MInd Announces Tech Availability (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "MInd Announces Tech Availability"

Posted by: Jarek Sankin on Year 12 Day 52

Location Unknown

Coruscant (INB) - Earlier today, Minister Eric Zahm, on behalf of the Imperial Ministry of Industry, gave a press conference regarding the technology and research acquired from Ailon Nova Guard. Galactic stock markets responded positively as the Empire made known its intent to make widely available technology that benefits civilian economic growth.

Minister Zahm announced that any non-criminal group that has not declared itself hostile to the Imperial Union may purchase civilian goods once produced by Ailon Nova Guard for a modest price. Heavy military-grade goods remain restricted to the Empire and its Union allies, but civilian technology, such as the much sought-after Tabder-class Heavy Hauler, is open for public sale. Azhrarn Amaratha, Director of Production for the Ministry, commented after the press conference. “Despite what the rumormongers of the Galactic Alliance would like the general populace to believe, the Galactic Empire is not an oppressive tyranny that would deny the galaxy technology that is of such obvious benefit to the development and welfare of the Galaxy's people. In fact, the Emperor would only encourage the economic growth of neutral worlds and thus convince these citizens of the wisdom to choose the road of Order over Rebellion.” Director Amaratha continued to express his pleasure at being able to provide the wider galaxy an opportunity to benefit from the Empire's recent diplomatic negotiations and cited the availability of the Ailonese technology as a boon for the Ministry of Industry's public relations.

Analysts expect that the availability of hauler-class vessels will improve and become affordable for a wider range of worlds and corporations. Responses from various shipyard operators ranged from cautiously optimistic to “the best news they had in years.” Costs for blueprints were not revealed at the press conference, but will soon be available through regular commerce channels or the Corellian Engineering Corporation.