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MInd Puts Employees First (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "MInd Puts Employees First"

Posted by: Patrick Mueirech on Year 19 Day 267

THYFERRA (INDUSTRY) – Workplace injuries and accidents are now moments away from remedial treatment. In collective thought, an elaborate scheme was drafted by the heads of the Ministry of Industry (MInd) and COMPNOR. Their proposition aims to enhance the personal lives of employees within the workplace. The quality of work life is of paramount importance to all Nationalized Companies. So in order to safeguard an individual’s accomplishments, their safety and wellbeing must be first intact when it comes to labor. The idea received praise and positive remarks from the Select Committee (SELCOM), therefore the management has been allotted the necessary budget spending with the aim to establish ways for workers get the medical attention they require in a swift manner. Above the worlds where MInd companies operate orbits, pristine Imperial Medical Installations that serve as both sector hospitals and pharmaceutical suppliers to ground based medical facilities and Imperial Medical ships for far-flung operations and aid. These gargantuan medcenters house eight primary docking bays with four medical frigates at its disposal that act as medivacs and transports carrying medical supplies for local planetary deliveries. Transit is quick, methodical and highly mobile, perfect for rapid transfer of injured personnel and equipment.


Imperials benefit from having access to the safest and most advanced pharmaceutical system in the galaxy. The main consumer watchdog in this system is DoM's Center for Treatment Evaluation and Research (CTER). Companies seeking to sell a drug or medical device in the Galactic Empire must first test it and document per MoD standards. The company then sends CTER the evidence from these tests to prove safety and effectiveness for intended use. A team of CTER physicians, statisticians, chemists, pharmacologists, and other scientists reviews the data and proposed labeling. If this independent and unbiased review establishes that a treatment's health benefits outweigh its known risks, it is approved for distribution.

The installations designed to hold about hundreds of patients if planetside hospitals are unavailable to handle mass casualty events. The staff are exalted in reputation and practice comprise the brightest Doctors, Nurses and Technicians who distinguished themselves within the Department of Medicine. The Department of Medicine (DoM) is the central governing body for all medical, pharmaceutical, research, heuristic, bioengineering, cybernetics and related production elements within the Galactic Empire which pertains to human and extra-human medicine. Headquartered on Coruscant in the Imperial Palace, DoM assures that the highest level of medical management exists for all Imperials and humans throughout the Empire. It is also the licensing body for all hospitals, clinics, laboratories, surgical centers and other medical facilities; it is responsible for the approval of new medical facilities throughout the Empire. In cases where the current medical infrastructure is not sufficient to provide the required healthcare to Class A citizens, the Department of Medicine has unilateral authority to revoke licensure or limit licensure to only Class B and/or Class C species.

The Department of Medicine is headed by the Surgeon General, a medical doctor and the highest Medical Officer in the Galactic Empire. The Surgeon General is a member of COMPNOR, and tasked with promoting the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. The Surgeon General chairs the House of Delegates (HoD) consisting of representatives from every sector in Imperial space and medical society. The HoD oversees a comprehensive base of physician members, a thriving advocacy influence, the most revered journals and resources in medicine across the galaxy, and respected practice tools. Their prestigious status comes from their diligent contributions in abundant amounts of time and dedication to saving and improving the quality of life for Imperial citizens.

All medical personnel must be appropriately licensed by the DoM to perform, consult or participate in any medical treatment, diagnosis, research or education in the Galactic Empire.

With these doctors looking after the Empire’s proficient laborers, the Ministry of Industry projects a boost in workplace morale with employees knowing that their lives are in excellent hands in the event of any unfortunate mishap. The Ministry of Industry as a whole sets a high record standard of professionalism when it comes to placing the needs of the employee first.