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Magnas Inter Oper Inops (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Magnas Inter Oper Inops"

Posted by: Seele on Year 14 Day 244

Onboard the Golan II [GE] Carida Sentry in system Carida (52, 111).

Dromund Kaas (INB) - A response from the Imperial Regional Government to a recent press release by the Corporate Sector Authority has drawn into doubt the veracity of the fledging Outer Rim mercenary group's claims. Utilising a variety of false research reports, the Corporate Sector Authority launched a propaganda campaign designed to attract colonists and citizenry into the dominion thus far established by the small warband, as it attempts to be recognised by the wider galaxy as a legitimate government. Released by the office of Moff Eric Jackson, the Governor of the Imperial Corporate Sector, the report draws together a startling array of statistics to demonstrate the falsehoods perpetuated by the mercenaries known to be a puppet organisation of the Krath Dynasty.

"If you look at the basic findings, you can quickly see that the compilers of the CSA reports have deliberately distorted the information readily available by using a definition of the 'Corporate Sector' that was not actually the meaning of the Executor's comments as broadcast upon his return to the Imperial Palace." explains Delra Ha`rest, a Socio-Economics Professor at the University of Abregado. "When the Empire refers to the Corporate Sector, it actually refers to a multi-sector, administrative boundary as determined by the Imperial Institute of Cartographic Studies. What the study incorrectly presents are frontier colonies in the literal Corporate sector of space, as opposed to the Imperial Corporate Sector itself."


Statistics released by the Imperial Corporate Sector government demonstrate a stark difference of the quality of life between the planets governed by the mercenary group, and those governed by the Empire when the entirety of the Imperial Corporate Sector was taken into account. Housing quality, life expectancy, and gross domestic product all outshone the for-hire CSA regime.

Amongst the tall and factually incorrect claims of the CSA was a blurry concept of economic investment and personal freedom, yet the report left it unexplained how these were actually assessed. Using figures of Imperial-wide investment, the Regional Government survey showed hundreds of cities and many thousands of facilities on Imperial worlds that are not controlled by the Galactic Empire. The survey also demonstrated that there was significant diplomatic investment by the Empire in recent years to continue to attract a variety of businesses and individuals willing to invest in the development of worlds. This is in addition worlds which are overseen by the Imperial Government, but are allowed to operate under more localized governance arrangements.


"I guess the biggest thing that [the CSA report] tried to utilise on top of their ignoring of most of the Empire itself in their analysis, was disproportionate statistics", notes Professor Ha`rest. "For example, the CSA consists of a mere two planets and two moons with a total population of less than 15 million. In contrast the Empire spans over 600 worlds and 3.1 trillion citizens. It is quite easy for the statistics to show that the average person living on a CSA world has a higher average income than an Imperial citizen living on a frontier world due to CSA's sparse population, all of which is settled on very recently developed worlds."

The ramifications for investors and pioneers alike are significant, the Professor expounded. "The reality is that the total number of millionaires found in the Empire far exceeds that of the CSA worlds. The private investment on a single Imperial world such as Coruscant outstrips that found in the CSA by over a billion credits per month, so people need to be very careful of these intentionally misleading reports coming from struggling, untried regimes like the CSA. Their game is to prey on the gullible and easily swayed - promises of better worlds can quickly lead those unfortunate enough to give credence to the CSA report into debt, and without means to return to the economically vibrant worlds of the Empire."