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Ministry of Industry Agenda (ING)

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Coruscant (INB) - The Ministry of Industry witnessed great administrative advancements. as well as a large boost in its production capabilities, over the past few months; which proven to be rewarding for Imperial Citizens. The merging of Sienar Fleet Systems and Corellian Engineering Corporation was the first step in streamlining the administrative and production capabilities of the Ministry of Industry. This step was followed by another of its kind, except this time, regarding Cloud City and Bothan Blasting Corporation. Though this merger has yet to be completed, Imperial citizens generally believe that it will be as beneficial and successful as the merge between Seinar Fleet Systems and Corellian Engineering Corporation.

The steps to carry out the merger were put together by Ministry of Industry Command and other Industry Officials. Checking in on the progress, Senior Technician Crueya Vandron stopped by the new headquarters for Imperial Resource Extractions, the result of the merging of Cloud City and Bothan Blasting Corporation. Reporter: Senior Technician Vandron, is there any further news on the ensuing merger between Bothan Blasting Corporation and Cloud City?

Senior Technician Vandron: Why of course. Both Cloud City and Bothan Blasting Corporation officials have been working night and day to prepare the factions for their merger into Imperial Resource Extractions. But as I'm sure you can understand, the coordination of the two largest mining organizations in the galaxy is not a simple task. Imperial Resource Extraction operations and influence will extend from the COre Worlds to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, and that constitutes a large amount of logistical wrangling in order to mine and transport the raw materials needed to build everything from the most basic Imperial uniform, to our prized lambda class shuttles, to the most feared super star destroyers; and as you can well imagine, managing these operations on a day to day level requires a vast logisticlal and administrative framweork, and of course paperwork.:

Reporter: Is there anything the average Imperial Citizen could do to advance the speed of this merger?

Senior Technician Vandron: "Well, I could always use another secretary for all this paperwork! But on a serious note, not much at the moment. Imperial Resource Extraction is currently looking to hire and transfer over a few experienced senior enlisted members to strengthen our member base and to participate in a mentor program. We are also of course always willing to look over applications of unemployed workers to become part of the mining conglomerate."

Reporter: Is there anything you can tell us about Imperial Resource Extraction's logistical operations with the production of new star destroyers?

Senior Technician Vandron: "I can tell you it is my pleasure to be of assistance in the building of the greatest symbols of power of the Empire, and that you can look forward to many more being produced by the Ministry of Industry in the near future."

Reporter: "Ministry of Industry is running it's own serious of raffles and games for Industry members and officials in the coming month,yourself are the administer of these ministry events, can you elaborate?"

Senior Technician Vandron: "I am indeed administering the Ministry of Industry activities for the coming month. Ministry of Industry employees from all of our nationalized factions have been working diligently, and have made sacrifices to further the Empire's war machine. These activities, consisting of Ministry of Industry raffles and games, are to reward our employees for all of their hard work. These activities have been sanctioned, approved and supported by the Minister of Industry himself.

With that said, I must catch my shuttle. I can assure you a schedule of events for the Ministry of Industry will be posted on the Imperial Holonet shortly."