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Ministry of Industry Opens Doors to the Galaxy (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Ministry of Industry Opens Doors to the Galaxy"

Posted by: Jarek Sankin on Year 11 Day 142

Onboard the Imperial Star Destroyer I Imperator in system Kothlis (258, -146).


Coruscant (INB) - Today at a press conference Moff Tanez Kalrade of the Imperial Ministry of Industry (MInd) announced a new way for loyal Imperial citizens to purchase Imperial-made goods from Nationalized factions around the Galaxy. MIOS - The Ministry of Industry Ordering System - provides a quick, secure method of ordering quality Imperial goods of all kinds and is open to all Imperial Union members as well as sentients who proclaim themselves neutral to the Galactic Civil War currently plaguing the galaxy.

After only one full year of operating under the guiding hand of the GE, all Nationalized Factions are working at full pace and have been surpassing even the stringent standards set by the Imperial High Council.

All of the goods sold by these factions, be it starships or raw materials will available for purchase on MIOS effective immediately. According to MInd officials, all beings wishing to purchase from the MIOS system will be required to create an account which must be approved before they can order any items. Orders can be placed for persons or for factions, and all accounts feature order history and order tracking for easier record-keeping.

Imperial Nationalized Factions have lead the Galaxy in improvements in product value, rate of production and price and will continue to do so in the future, thanks to MIOS and millions of hard working, loyal Imperials. MIOS and the Imperial Ministry of Industry will continue to support the economic interests of the Galactic Empire and its allies as they strive to trade war for peace and anarchy for stability to create a safe, secure and just society for the citizens of this Galaxy.