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Morgaur Zarka

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Morgaur Zarka
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Pal Goral
Mother Iliana Zaniah
Father Idiian Mereel Zarka
Spouse None
Siblings Nomi, Garallach and Ara
Children None
Born Year -27 Day 71
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Member
Prior Service None
Awards 8639_zarka.png

Morgaur is currently a Lieutenant Commander of Imperial Navy. He was born in Pal Goral, a poor world in the Outer Rim Territories at Year -27 Day 71 as Morgaur Ban Mereel Zarka or simply Morgaur Zarka. His father, Idiian Mereel Zarka, was an influent merchant and owner of a little fleet of small freighters. He travelled between the Outer Rim planets on the Hydiani Way. His mother was the descendant of a noble clan banned from planet Nog, during one of the frequent conflits for resources.

Zarka doesn't talk a lot about his relatives, so very little is known about Mereel Zarka family tree. Morgaur has two sisters, Nomi and Ara, and one brother, Garallach. His brother Garallach and his sister Nomi followed Idiian footsteps and became merchants in Pal Goral. Nothing is known about his sister Ara who disappeared at the age of seventeen while trying to reach Tattooine. Zarka decided to leave his home world at the age of thirteen to look for his sister Ara and eventually reached Tattooine.

Personal Information


Height: 5'9" (1.80 Meters)

Weight: 162 Ibs (74 Kilograms)

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Grey

Skin Type: Pale white