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New Army Adjutant Announced (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y11D231 by Graeda L`Annan

Carida, Army HQ (IIS)-- An Imperial press release today announced the appointment of Major Califf D`Troit to the position of Army Adjutant, making him a member of Army High Command. A memo issued by Major General Graeda L`Annan authorized D`Troit's promotion in position and rank, stating:

From: Major General Graeda L'Annan - Army Commanding Officer

To: Captain Califf D`Troit - Legion Commanding Officer

Subject: Command Promotion

Califf D`Troit, it is our great pleasure to inform you that you have been promoted to the challenging and demanding position of Army Adjutant.

The decision to promote you has been taken by Army High Command keeping in mind your dedication towards the Army's goals and your contributions in this regard. The fine work you have done in service of the Imperial Army and your dedication to the Galactic Empire has earned you this position. We are confident that you will meet your new responsibilities, which accompany a new rank of Major, with the same level of enthusiasm and enterprise which you have exhibited since you received your commission.

In accordance with your promotion, the Bayonet-class Cruiser Retributor has been assigned as your personal flagship, with deployment orders to follow. You will be retaining your command of the First Legion. Please accept our congratulations on your new promotion!

MGEN L`Annan

Army Commanding Officer

When interviewed, Major General L'Annan said, "Major D`Troit has created far-reaching goals for both his legion and the Army, which embody the ideals of AHC. He is known for creating standards within his own legion that become Army policy. He is currently in the midst of his long-term goal - the ambitious design of an Advanced Infantry School for new members.

Major D`Troit has experience in command roles within both the Imperial Navy and Army. The position of Army Adjutant will add to his impressive list of duties, including commanding the First Legion and directing the Resource Allocation Department's Imperial Army Office responsible for assigning graduates from the Imperial Academy to their legions. In addition, he has a unique mentoring program for those under his command and works as an instructor at the Imperial Academy in Carida. As Major General L'Annan told it, "The best way I can put it is to say he excels. Army High Command has the utmost confidence in its new Adjutant, and it is expected that Major D`Troit will continue to thrive and support the Imperial Army as he always has."