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New Year, New Horizons (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "New Year, New Horizons"

Posted by: Kol Seraph on Year 15 Day 3

(Corellia, IIS) - Two days ago, civilians and military personnel throughout the Galactic Empire, citizens all, celebrated the conclusion of Year 14, and the start of Year 15. Hopes run high among the populace of the dominant government in the Galaxy for the continued advancement of the cause of peace, justice, and order in the new year that lies before us. What opportunities and challenges will the people of the Empire meet head on in the coming months, both on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War, and the home-front? What critical traits lend an Imperial the strength to overcome the coming trials, and what is the source of their confidence?

Kol Seraph, Lieutenant Colonel of His Majesty’s Imperial Army, believes he has the answer to these questions. “It is an essential strength of the Imperial character to seek out opposition and overcome it, through determination and vigor,” said the senior officer, at a press conference held in the Corellian planetary capital of Coronet city last night, opening the ceremony that celebrated all that the people of the Corellian Sector and the Empire as a whole have faced and overcome over the last year, “After all, "insurmountable" is not a word in our people’s lexicon.”

In addition to initiative and holding true to the belief that nothing is unconquerable, a complimentary, and equally fundamental principle of the Imperial ethos is surely the Imperial citizen`s faith in their fellow man. Faith in the strength of a shared vision, of shared morals, and of the recognition of the leadership potential and promise of every loyal citizen. In the New Order, ample opportunity exists for every Imperial, regardless of world of origin, class, or creed, to advance beyond their station, by demonstrating through the application of merit and charisma that they are worthy of continuing support from their followers, their superiors, and their peers. After all, power belongs in the hands of those who prove they can exercise it responsibly, for the good of the just and decent majority.

However, this power, like trust, must be earned with diligence, taking the lead, and no small amount of self-sacrifice. With faith burning in their hearts and truth blossoming from their lips, there is nothing a citizen cannot accomplish.


What is needed is like-minded individuals, those with fiery eyes alit with conviction, and minds of tempered durasteel, to step forward, to seize their destiny and to do their part to make this Galaxy a safe and just place for all. Gone are the days of nepotism and selfishness, of corruption and intrigue infesting the upper echelons of power, of mysticism and subservience to the flawed ideologies of Jediism and oligarchy championed by the weak and the treacherous. Truly, if there is a God in this modern age, it is not the vaunted Credit - the false idol of the obsolete Old Republic - It is the virtue of the Imperial spirit, shared by the citizens of the New Order, who stand together in friendship and solidarity with their comrades in the Tresario Star Kingdom and the Anzatan Commonwealth, joined together and standing resolute, hand in hand, in the enduring vibrancy and righteousness of the Imperial Union.

“We must do more, though...”, professed the young Commanding Officer of the Shadow Guard, veterans of the Imperial triumph enshrined in the fire and blood of the Derra theatre, a Tarisian native who stands beholden to the beneficence of COMPNOR and the New Order it champions, “There is always more we can all do to further our most noble of causes. For my part, let this small gesture show the depth of my devotion to my country, my sovereign, and my creed – I expect nothing in return. May my actions in His Majesty’s service ring ever-louder than my words. Long live the Emperor!”

This was the conclusion to Lieutenant Colonel Seraph’s speech, before it was announced that the Army officer would personally oversee the return of a significant percentage of his personal wealth, an estimated total sum of 25,000,000 Imperial credits garnered over a career of faithful service to the New Order, to the Imperial Treasury. Seraph is reported to have provided a short statement after the conclusion of the ceremony, regarding his "small gesture", "It is my hope that said funds are used to better the lives of Imperials throughout the Corellian Sector, and across the Emperor`s realm as a whole."