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Population Growth (ING)

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Posted by: Elaine von Veritrax on Year 18 Day 261

CORELLIA (Social) – Doctors across the Empire have released stunning new research to the public today. Since the ascension of Emperor Seele I to the Throne, pregnancy rates have doubled with many doctors suggesting that morale been at an all time high and prolonged festivities celebrating the event are the likely causes. With the growth rate of the population expected to increase so rapidly, local Governors have been instructed to ensure that housing development and infrastructure is on par with projected population expansion in order to ensure the highest standards of living for citizens of the Empire.


Thanks to the expansion of housing markets, State sponsored construction projects have received more funding from the Ministry of the Interior to meet the demands, spurring the growth of jobs focused on manual labour to further stimulate the economy. Private companies have expressed interest in expansion as new markets open as a result of the expansion and contracts open to lease or purchase commercial operating space from the Empire.

With the growth rate comes some concerns, such as education and public services. COMPNOR spokesman Taelor Berik, addressed parents at an open forum concerning the Imperial Youth and Education Centers.      "Parents in the Empire can rest assured in the knowledge the Ministry of Culture has taken to increasing grants geared toward university students dedicated to becoming future educators. Education of our youth remains an utmost priority for COMPNOR, as every investment we make in our children today will be rewarded many times over in the developments they bring tomorrow."

University students who agree to the obligations of the grant are able to save nearly three years of tuition in return for six years of service in the public education system. The students' obligations are not solely time based as they are expected to maintain high grades in order to ensure the brightest minds are teaching the future leaders of the Empire.