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Primus Inter Pares (GNS) (ING)

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Galactic News Service - "Primus Inter Pares"

Posted by: Jarek Sankin on Year 13 Day 327

Onboard the Imperial Star Destroyer I Nemesis in system Diamal (-19, -87).

CORUSCANT (INB) - Imperial subjects all across the galaxy are celebrating the ascension of Executor Guinar Ndengin as Galactic Emperor. Government officials confirmed the rise of Emperor Ndengin shortly after his predecessor, Thomas Cherokee, announced his abdication of the throne. "My intention was to set a course to repair the damage done by policies enacted by my own predecessor, Vodo Bonias," remarked Emperor Cherokee in a statement to the public. "We have repaired much of that damage. The Imperial Union is growing in a healthy way. The Empire has never been stronger. Old enemies have become new friends, and disillusioned Imperials have returned home in droves. We are on a new track, a good track, and so I shall step down as Galactic Emperor, to allow new blood and new ideas to direct this Empire." Emperor Cherokee will enjoy his retirement as a goodwill ambassador, and he will also work on his memoirs covering his long service to the Empire.


Among the more notable accomplishments of Emperor Cherokee's reign include a major internal restructuring of both the Imperial military and Regional Government, as well as an expansion of diplomatic engagement with the wider galaxy both within and without the Imperial Union. Perhaps his most important achievement was the re-gaining of the title of "Galactic Government," a status employed by political scientists and sociologists to mark the largest and most dominant government in the galaxy. While it appears to be a rather minor title of interest only to academics, the achievement represents a major marshaling of forces, both military and economic, to expand and strengthen the Imperial government and the ideals of the New Order.


In his coronation speech, Emperor Ndengin made clear his intentions to continue many of the policies of Emperor Cherokee, and to work towards a more efficient Empire. Regarding his predecessor's rule as Emperor, "it was an unprecedented year, and it was a stellar reign," expressed Ndengin. "I can but follow in [Emperor Cherokee's] footsteps and strive to ruthlessly bring the ideals of the New Order to the far reaches of the Galaxy." To honor the abdicating head of the Empire, Ndengin declared the development of a new, "Cherokee-class" of Star Destroyer, to be completed in five years' time. The Emperor then announced a month-long celebration in honor of Emperor Cherokee's successes.

Among the new Emperor's first duties is to appoint his right-hand man, the Executor. In his inaugural speech to his subjects, Emperor Ndengin announced Lord Seele, the Lord General of the Imperial Army, former Director of Imperial Intelligence and former Grand Vizier of both the Empire and the New Imperial Order, as Executor of the Galactic Empire. Emperor Ndengin will also take a trip to attend an Imperial Union summit. There, he will introduce his ideas for the development of the Union and formally welcome the Aurodium Legion as a member government. The other leaders of the Union are expected to formally recognize Emperor Ndengin as a full member of their council, and congratulate him on his ascension. With the placement of Guinar Ndengin upon the Imperial Throne, the Empire will continue to flourish as it has under Emperor Cherokee, and advance the frontiers of Imperialism.