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Prisoners of War Executed (ING)

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CORUSCANT (SECURITY) - Earlier this week the Imperial Security Bureau officially acknowledged the mass execution of thirteen prisoners whose trials concluded in the past month. Amongst them were several noteworthy individuals, such as the Krath Lord Xel Novastar and head of the Pentastar Alignment, Marcus Nightcloud. The bulk of prisoners were convicted for their participation in the Rift Alliance, but two amongst them were fugitives from the Freedom Warriors organisation that was disbanded last year after a succesful operation by Imperial Intelligence took out their leadership.

The official report further fed the speculation that the recent return of Frezt Raleigh as head of the Krath Dynasty was the result of Aubec's forced resignation due to the many embarrassments the government suffered under his rule in the past year. After suffering a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Tresarians, the Rift Alliance also lost one of its most prominent members with the departure of terrorist organisation Death Watch, who entered an alliance with the despised Zann Consortium. The revelation that one of his closest allies was in league with the organisation that has sabotaged the Krath government in the past made many question Aubec's ability to lead and the desperation with which he sought out members in an attempt to lend the Rift Alliance credibility as a strong organisation. ING-imperialprison.png
General Montari of ISB confirmed that one of the prisoners, Lazarus Kell, had been released after negotiations and the unconditional withdrawal of Rift Alliance presence on the planet Loedorvia, leaving it under absolute Imperial control. "Strangely, the Krath did not once attempt to negotiate or even show any sign of caring about anyone but Kell", he included, further bringing into question just how unstable the Rift Alliance is.