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Archive of past quotes displayed in the Main Page. They are chosen by our Archive Team and displayed for a period of a week. Click for the current displayed quote.


January 2011 - Being ISB doesn't give you the security clearance to be raising eyebrows like that.

[19:36:40] * @Sengir eyes the 2LT of the ISB

[19:36:55] * %ISB-2LT_Trippett raises an eyebrow.

[19:37:02] <@Guinar> Wyatt.

[19:37:11] <@Guinar> Drop that eyebrow.

[19:37:31] * %ISB-2LT_Trippett lowers the eyebrow.

[19:37:32] <@Guinar> Being ISB doesn't give you the security clearance to be raising eyebrows like that.

[19:37:43] * @Lord_Seele raises an eyebrow.

[19:37:51] <%ISB-2LT_Trippett> I apologize, Executor.

[19:37:52] <@Guinar> I'll let it go this one time - but watch your step.

[19:38:05] <@Guinar> Seele.

[19:38:09] <@Guinar> Carry on.

December 1st, 2010 - Beard, Temi. Temi, Beard

[19:49:39] * Guinar has joined #cmg-empire-inb
[19:49:52] <@LT_Talon> Beard, Temi. Temi, Beard.
[19:50:00] <%Temi[PM]> :o
[19:50:14] <@Guinar> Temi, coffee. Coffee, pronto.

December 31st, 2009 - Lords due any (wo)men desired

<Kate_Black> New GNS: Imperial Lords due any women they desire.
<Kate_Black> Then the GE gains 100 new members.
<Seele> No, no, must be equal.
<Kate_Black> Imperial Ladies due any men they desire?
<Seele> Lords must be able to have men too.

December 15th, 2009 - Brain?

<Marcus_Veers> i once had a liver
<CSGT_Con> shouldnt that be brain instead?
<Marcus_Veers> brain?

December 12th, 2009 - Editing Errors

<@Cherokee> Interestingly, the flash news about the new editor contains and editing error.
<@D[a]yton> an*
<@Cherokee> That is irony.

December 5th, 2009 - Totalitarian Regimes Need Hangers

"How are we supposed to run a galaxy-spanning totalitarian regime without a place to hang our dirty flightsuits?"
Mikel von Bianchi

November 8th, 2009 - Selective Cheating

[21:39] <Cherokee> I cheat often, but only when I know no one will catch me or find out.
[21:39] <Cherokee> I'm a selective cheater.

November 1st, 2009 - Patty Laps

[10:45] * LT_Martin remembers sitting on so many old mens' laps

October 25th, 2009 - ISB vs. II

@Chief_Derrnon sniffs. ISB is all about the brute force.
<@Chief_Derrnon> II is more.. refined.
<@ISB-COL_Black> Explain Seele then.
<@Chief_Derrnon> Touche!

October 11th, 2009 - McFozz gets knocked into a pingout

@Jason_Con picks up a metal bar and starts beating the crap out of everything
+Fozz moves out of Con's way
+Fozz (~jonah.mcf@SWC-IRC.DB2F81D67FDD9C.SWC) Quit (Ping timeout)

October 4th, 2009 - Gays and Abortionists

[18:08] <+LT_Martin> I spent my whole day trying to convince the elderly that ireland wants be flooded with gays and abortionists

September 27th, 2009 - Vaklu's Hotdog

[19:55] * Vaklu notes he has hotdog's taped to his chest, but is sure everyone thinks its TNT!
[19:55] * Tanez eats it
[19:55] * Alfan runs from Vaklu
[19:55] <Alfan> Oh noes! Tanez is eating Vaklu's hotdog!

September 20th, 2009 - Patrick is a nudist

<LT_Martin> i am naked
<Vrogard_Delahon> ...
<Vrogard_Delahon> Umm
Vrogard_Delahon edges far away from LT Martin, looking intently at the sofa infront of him
<LT_Martin> I have been naked since I joined empire

September 6th, 2009 - Turnip

[17:07] <Inwe_Ventidius> turnip
[17:07] Mode #cmg-empire +b Inwe_Ventidius!*nwe_Venti@SWC-IRC.1450A9C841E459.SWC by ISB-LTCOL_Black
[17:07] Inwe_Ventidius was booted from #cmg-empire by ISB-LTCOL_Black ( You have said an unacceptable word, either a swearword or a racial slur, in your message and have been removed from the channel for 1 minute. Repeated occurances will result in disciplinary action against you.)
[17:07] <Dayton> LOL
[17:07] <Szardra_Kaika> What.

August 30th, 2009 - Crack! Now in Liquid Form!

[10:31] <CMN_York> Thermos-vug is best for IT ppl. I have stupid sticker with sponge Bob to be sure no one take my mug by mistake.
[10:31] * Stanov thinks is this one of those Graeda sir, ma'am moments again?
[10:31] <CMN_York> *thermos-mug
[10:31] <Stanov> I really should
[10:31] <Stanov> with the rate even my own IT staff drives me insane though, I have a feeling I'm going to start drinking crack
[10:31] <Orphaea_Imperium> drinking crack?
[10:32] <Vrogard_Delahon> That doesn't sound healthy, sir...
[10:32] <Vrogard_Delahon> :P

April 9th, 2009 - Hot and Bothered

[20:09] <Inara> she is a lady with many positions
[20:09] <@Tanez> O.o
[20:09] <@Graeda_L`Annan> Inara!
[20:09] <@Tanez> how graphic of you :P
[20:09] <Inara> :(
[20:09] <Inara> I didn't mean it like that :(
[20:09] * Endora bows and salutes
[20:09] * @Tanez is all hot and bothered now

March 27th, 2009 - If you rub it enough...

<+Mikelsewhere> Trust me
<+Mikelsewhere> Seele "rubs it" enough
<+Mikelsewhere> ;)
@Seele "rubs it" on Mikels face.
+Mikelsewhere likes

Feb 21st, 2009 - Earned Commission

[21:30] <Inara> [13:25] <LTjg_Martin> apparently we get promoted for sexual favours
[21:30] <Inara> dang... so that's why I've promoted so slowly
[21:31] <@Orphaea_Imperium> <.<
[21:31] <@Orphaea_Imperium> >.>
[21:31] <@Tanez> hey, I asked you to be my gf Inara >.>
[21:31] <@Lord_Wulf> Inara, I can fix that if you like.
[21:31] * FSGT_Jackson laughs!!
[21:31] <Josef> and why Pat got promoted quickly all of a sudden...
[21:31] <%Ralkata_Tyrran> I'm working on it, Inara.

Feb 8th, 2009 - CK Ribbon

[17:50] * Inara hand CK ribbon to Ninian
[17:50] <Inara> :P
[17:50] <%CAPT_Corwyn> Calvin Klein...?
[17:50] <Inara> Conversation Killer :P
[17:50] <Ninian_DeLayn> *LOL*
[17:50] <%CAPT_Corwyn> same thing, right?
[17:51] <Inara> you can have teh Calvin Klein ribbon Captain ;)
[17:51] <%CAPT_Corwyn> sweet
[17:55] * Inara looks at Captain Corwyn, 'are you right with that ribbon, or would you like some help attaching it?' ;)
[17:56] <%CAPT_Corwyn> depends... does the ribbon go on my underwear? ;P
[17:56] <Viktor_Hannawald> As long as I don't get it afterwards... <_< >_>
[17:56] <Inara> depends... is that where you want it? <.<

Jan 25th, 2009 - The New Romantic

[15:19] <%Alexander_Fel> :o
[15:20] <%Alexander_Fel> she doesnt want you romantic??
[15:20] <%Alexander_Fel> next you'll tell me all she wants is sex.
[15:20] * +Lady_AshaAdrynn laughs
[15:20] <@Lord_Wulf> That's all you ever ask me for, Fel.

Jan 18th, 2009 - Most Beautiful

[14:54] <@Rom> I climbed mountains :D
[14:54] * @Rom maintains that mountains are the most beautiful thing in nature to see
[14:54] <@Rom> especially when looking out from the top of one to a bunch of other ones when the sun is setting behind them
[14:54] <Hadrian> I'm more of an Ocean person myself
[14:54] <%MGEN_Chambers> i thought naked women was
[14:55] * Hadrian coughs
[14:55] <@Rom> lol
[14:55] <Hadrian> Make that 2nd most beautiful
[14:56] <%MGEN_Chambers> lol

Jan 4th, 2009 - Fantasy, Interrupted

[15:52] * Stefan_Skyreaper hopes Tamona is a pornstar
[15:53] <FCPL_Hadrian> YEs Sir?
[15:53] <+Mekum_Campbell> My office
[15:53] * %Kato_Forn returns salute
[15:54] <CMSGT_Miriel> o_O
[15:54] <CMSGT_Miriel> Tamona is male, just so everyone knows.
[15:55] * Stefan_Skyreaper stops fantasizing
[15:55] <Stefan_Skyreaper> Ewwww
[15:55] <Tamona_Riviker> Wait what just happened?

Dec 26th, 2008 - The Return of the Wulf

[20:43] <@Lord_Wulf> I'm watching Fel on tv...
[20:43] <@Lord_Wulf> Wait... Gordon Ramsey, so basically the same thing.
[20:44] <%Alexander_Fel> o_O
[20:44] <%Alexander_Fel> thought you meant CSM
[20:45] <@Lord_Wulf> No Kitchen Nightmares on DVR, LoL.
[20:46] <@Lord_Wulf> I imagine you to be exactly like Ramsey
[20:46] * %Alexander_Fel rolls his eyes
[20:46] <%Alexander_Fel> we're from different parts of the country mate.
[20:46] <@Lord_Wulf> except a little more communist.
[20:46] <@Lord_Wulf> The country is as big as Ohio! That's like saying I'm totally different from someone from Cleveland!
[20:46] * @Lord_Wulf laughs at his own stupid joke.

Dec 19th, 2008 - The Odd Couple

[22:05] <@Rom> Orph!
[22:05] <Mark_Hadrian> better..
[22:05] * @Rom flirts
[22:05] <@Orphaea_Imperium> Rom!
[22:05] * @Orphaea_Imperium flirts.
[22:05] <+Mikel> Orph!
[22:05] * +Mikel strips.
[22:05] <@Rom> You were my second choice for the ball you know, Orph. It was the hat :D
[22:05] <%MGEN_Chambers> im going to be sick
[22:05] <Mark_Hadrian> Nothing like a 6'8 Black guy and a Sexual Deviant flirting with Each other
[22:05] <@Rom> *snickers*

Dec 12th, 2008 - Not Bond, James Bond

[18:33] <@Rom> Im hardly James Bond!
[18:33] <@Rom> I dont get laid by random women all the time, I dont have a theme tune, and Im not british!
[18:33] <Vrogard_Delahon> Are you coruscanti?
[18:33] <MFSGT_Miriel> But you are a flamboyant, combat-obsesse spy.
[18:33] <MFSGT_Miriel> +d
[18:34] <%Ralkata_Tyrran> Flamboyant, nice.
[18:34] <@Rom> nope
[18:34] <@Rom> Im Corellian
[18:34] <Vrogard_Delahon> Oh
[18:34] * @Rom is like a smart, black OddJob
[18:34] <Vrogard_Delahon> If you were coruscanti you technically would be british...
[18:34] <Crow> I'd settle for two out of three there
[18:35] <%LTGEN_Chambers> id settle for just the random women thing ;)

Nov 27th, 2008 - Bond, James Bond

[15:46] <ENS_Martin> I wonder is there a law about sex with rebel agents
[15:46] <@Inara> hahahaha
[15:46] * Torin_Dietus is now known as Dietus|away
[15:46] <%SFSGT_Ventidius> why would you need to know this Patrick?
[15:46] <@Inara> Pat's really getting into selling himself :P
[15:46] <@Crow> as long as your the one reciving info probally not
[15:47] <ENS_Martin> Inara how do you think intel is gotten?
[15:47] <ENS_Martin> Rom is our James Bond

Nov 20th, 2008 - Power Abuse

[10:33] <@LTGEN_Chambers> i wish i could yell at someone
[10:33] <@LTGEN_Chambers> oh wait im a General i can :)
[10:36] <Bryan_Valoran> ...
[10:37] * Bryan_Valoran places some was earplugs inside his ears
[10:39] * @LTGEN_Chambers pimpslaps Bryan_Valoran like the bitch he is
[10:40] <Bryan_Valoran> @#$^!^%@#
[10:41] * @LTGEN_Chambers smiles
[10:42] * %Ralkata_Tyrran coughs, power abuse, coughs.

Nov 13th, 2008 - Teabagging

[20:29] <Patrick_Martin> why do people PM me for sexual explanations of thins?
[20:29] <Mark_Coyle> lol
[20:29] <%Graeda_L`Annan> look it up folks!
[20:29] <Orinous_Solarii> :P
[20:29] <Vrogard_Delahon> I didn't!
[20:29] <%Graeda_L`Annan> urban dictionary is your frenemy!@
[20:29] <FSGT_Ranner> yeah everything is on the internet
[20:29] <Mark_Hadrian> I know right
[20:29] * CMSGT_Minx is now known as Cyrus_Minx
[20:29] <Vrogard_Delahon> Maybe they think you are an expert, Patrick....
[20:29] <Patrick_Martin> yes look it up instead of using me as porn dictionary

Nov 06th, 2008 - Showers

[13:45] <Josef_DeLaurel> Inwe keep me nice n clean now, it's amazing how many showers she likes to have ;)
[13:46] <@LTGEN_Chambers> way to much info Josef
[13:46] <+Hiyo_Rogo> Do tell
[13:47] * Josef_DeLaurel eats his chippy wonderin at Hiyo's desperate tone of voice.
[13:48] <+Hiyo_Rogo> Hardly, I just like to see the conversation through
[13:49] <Patrick_Martin> What Joe?
[13:49] * Patrick_Martin now knows the reason the Fleet has to dock to take on more water
[13:49] * Inwe_Ventidius facepalms and considers a transfer
[13:49] * Patrick_Martin denies transfer

Oct 30th, 2008 - Pinged

[08:34] <%Alley> Inwe is sexy too =p
[08:34] * @Orphaea_Imperium (~xarknet@SWC-IRC.62AC2721CAB723.SWC) Quit (Ping timeout)
[08:34] <%Alley> He got so excited he pinged.
[08:34] <Inwe_Ventidius> that's the second time that's happened
[08:34] * Orphaea_Imperium (~xarknet@SWC-IRC.62AC2721CAB723.SWC) has joined #cmg-empire
[08:34] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Orphaea_Imperium
[08:34] <Inwe_Ventidius> apparently we need to behave more
[08:35] <@Orphaea_Imperium> no you don't
[08:35] <@Orphaea_Imperium> keep being naughty
[08:35] <@Orphaea_Imperium> that's a good girl
[08:35] <@Orphaea_Imperium> I mean
[08:35] <+AB_Nuroudo> He pinged as he came :p

Oct 23th, 2008 - World Wars

[15:19] <@Rom> you know what
[15:20] <@Rom> screw it, Im collecting the people in North America that are on my save list, bringing the ones who wont fight to the Citadel
[15:20] <@Rom> and then heading to England
[15:20] * @Rom shall fight the Zombie englishmen! muhahahah
[15:20] <Mekum_Campbell> Wouldn't be the first time the Yanks are late for a fight
[15:21] <@Rom> Are you still pissed bout that little tiff some call the World Wars?
[15:21] <@LTGEN_Chambers> not our fault you guys go picking fights and need us to save you
[15:21] <+Mikel> Better late than never

Oct 16th, 2008 - Breakfast Time

[14:55] <%Alley> yesssssss
[14:56] * %Rom had a McGriddle this morning
[14:56] <Josef_DeLaurel> hmm..
[14:56] <+Mikel> oo
[14:56] <Josef_DeLaurel> some1's hit Alley's spot.
[14:56] <+Mikel> I like those
[14:56] * +Mikel whisks Alley away
[14:56] <%Alley> Hmm...
[14:56] <+Mikel> I'm more of a sausage burrito person though
[14:56] <%Alley> XD
[14:56] <%Alley> hahahaha
[14:56] <Josef_DeLaurel> you whisk alley?
[14:57] <+Mikel> Better than beating her?
[14:58] <%Alley> lol
[14:58] <%Alley> I am a bit defenceless.
[14:58] * +LTGEN_Min_Tovakinpi prefers to spatula her
[14:58] <%Rom> ack, dirty images

Oct 09th, 2008 - That Wasn't a No

[09:09] <+Lady_AshaAdrynn> nono
[09:09] <+Lady_AshaAdrynn> what I'm saying is, I look a lot better clothed than unclothed
[09:09] <@Orphaea_Imperium> I don't agree.
[09:10] * Stef_Away starts idling now
[09:10] <Tremec> Er..
[09:10] <Tremec> Naked all the way.
[09:10] <+Lady_AshaAdrynn> unless I'm working out or cleaning house or something, I always curl my hair and put it up and do my makeup, etc
[09:10] * +Lady_AshaAdrynn slaps Orphaea_Imperium around a bit with a gigglefish
[09:11] <@Orphaea_Imperium> Send me photos of both and I will offer an informed judgement.
[09:11] <+Lady_AshaAdrynn> :P
[09:13] <Tremec> That wasnt a no. -grins-

Oct 02th, 2008 - Deviant

[11:36] <Tremec> YOu just had to go there.
[11:36] <Tremec> Dirty Fiend.
[11:36] <@Orphaea_Imperium> Go on.
[11:37] <OVSR_Crow> lol
[11:37] <Tremec> See, now you perked orph.
[11:37] <Tremec> He's all excited now.
[11:37] <%Rom> Deviant talk = Orph
[11:37] <%Rom> that's how I get him to respond to PMs *nods*
[11:37] <@Orphaea_Imperium> what PMs?
[11:38] <@Orphaea_Imperium> you haven't PMed me in weeks
[11:38] <@Orphaea_Imperium> or called back :(
[11:38] <%Rom> Im sorry baby.....

Sept 25th, 2008 - What you're doing

[12:35] <CMSGT_Imperium|away> you know how you generally put what you're doing after your name on IRC
[12:35] <CMSGT_Imperium|away> so I'm looking at Lucrest...
[12:35] <CMSGT_Imperium|away> thinking that he's doing something pretty interesting :P
[12:37] <FCPL_Lucrest|Karon> Yeah I'm doing Karon I guess :/

Sept 18th, 2008 - Shaw.ca

[00:19] <@Kex|Paper> what is Shaw.ca?
[00:20] <@Kex|Paper> I've always wondered where Savk got that email address
[00:20] <+Karon_Alfan> you better do your damn paper
[00:20] <@Kex|Paper> fine, fine - Im goin
[00:24] <@Graeda_L`Annan> shaw is the local cable/internet provider
[00:24] <+Karon_Alfan> don't distract him
[00:24] <@Graeda_L`Annan> dammit
[00:24] * @Graeda_L`Annan puts her clothing back on.
[00:24] <+Karon_Alfan> lol

Sept 11th, 2008 - Wanna make out?

[01:44] * Alan_Steel (~Imperial_@SWC-IRC.7A8D8C38D198.SWC) has joined #cmg-empire-army
[01:44] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa Alan_Steel Alan_Steel
[01:45] <+Karon_Alfan> hello Alan
[01:46] <@Alan_Steel> Hey
[01:46] <@Alan_Steel> Sup?
[01:46] <+Karon_Alfan> nothing much, you?
[01:46] <@Grey> hey Alan
[01:47] <@Grey> I'm feeling frisky, wanna make out?
[01:49] <@Alan_Steel> Just woke up, Karon. Or course, Grey ;)
[01:49] <@Grey> Mwuahahah I can wake ya up

Sept 04th, 2008 - Grey

[01:04] <@Grey> FREEDOM!!!
[01:04] * @Grey paints her face blue and moons the English.

Aug 28th, 2008 - Zala's friends

[16:14] <@Ryan> How's it going guys?
[16:14] <+FCPL_Athrun_Zala> doing alright here
[16:14] <+FCPL_Athrun_Zala> adding spanish subtitles to a movie so that my friends can watch it
[16:14] <@Ryan> That's original
[16:14] <@Ryan> I usually hear "Just got off bed" or "going to eat soon"

Aug 21st, 2008 - Minx's quit message

[21:49] <Cyrus_Minx> check out my Quit message :P
[21:49] * Endora_Strax bows
[21:49] * Cyrus_Minx has quit IRC (Quit: )

Aug 13th, 2008 - Plots

[00:11] <+Hiyo_Rogo> So...anything else going on?
[00:11] <.Mekum|Away> Plotting
[00:11] * +Hiyo_Rogo eyerolls
[00:12] <+Lee_Tolten> Plotting is a bad thing
[00:12] <+Lee_Tolten> please plot openly so we may easily judge and condemn, thank you :)