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Rebelling Outer Rim Authority (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y9D255 by Goth

Coruscant, Imperial Palace (IIS)-- Today, the Emperor announced that the IORA has been suspended from the city-state accords. The former Imperial Outer Rim Authority has decided that its objectives of money and power are best served by leaving behind the Empire and disobeying the Emperor.

The Emperor decided that IORA needed to come under the realm of the Galactic Empire to avoid future events of corruption. Two major events in the past 10 months involving ship production contracts suggested that officials at IORA were less than scrupulous, stealing hundreds and hundreds of ships from unknown origins. The Emperor offered a lavish package to the IORA, including the diversion of all tax resources to Outer Rim coffers, dissolution payments totalling 500 mil, and full access to the Imperial war machine. However, corrupt Governor Ru decided that it would be in his best interest to keep feeding on the criminal regime present in his territory.

Governor Ru consistently complained about not being granted access to Imperial technology. Correspondents at INB understand that the Empire has extremely high requirements for trustworthiness. The IORA has no moral superiority to pirates, thieves, or even the former Isoldor Storm. Even the Empire could not back them any more after repeated attempts to quash their illicit ways. Ru will now be fighting a war on two fronts while plundering the goods of his people.

The Galactic Empire will offer amnesty to the true Imperials remaining in IORA for three days. After that point, all persons still in IORA will be declared enemies of the state.

Contact Pro Consul Goth for questions.