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Research & Development

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Research & Development
Leader Executive Director Draven Diesel
Foundation Date Year -1
Type Scientific
Professions Experimental Sciences
Emblem RampDLogo1a75x75_zps190bc96d.png
Motto Looking to the Future...
To Ensure Imperial Victory
Application Process Contact the Department of Recruitment for requirements
Forum N/A
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Directorate of Research and Development (R&D) is the governing body of the technological future of the Empire.


The Directorate of R&D is responsible for the development and improvment of Imperial and Nationalized Factions' technology. Leading the galaxy in state-of-the-art technology, R&D works effortlessly to ensure a constant and steady turn out of new designs.

R&D is pursued on two fronts, the first being the Galactic laboratories and the universaties; the second front is the Nationalized Factions that have R&D representatives that work on manufacturing efficiency (reducing build time and raw materials for various items as well as easier maintenance/repair), item improvement (weight reduction, increased accuracy for weapons, increased maneuverability for ships/vehicles, etc.) and new items (better armor, engines, weapons, etc.). These institutions focus on long term advanced development projects that target exciting new technologies. The Directorate staff manages the galactic laboratories and provided grants to universities to support promising research taking place in those institutions.

Top Secret Research facility at an undisclosed location


The Director is head of the Directorate of Research and Development. The Director is a member of the Ministerial staff in the Ministry of Industry. They report directly to the Minister of Industry and the Imperial Throne.

Research and Development have representatives from the Empire's Nationlized Factions that work within the Directorate. These representatives answer directly to the Director and their respective Faction Chain of Command.

The directorate has members of the Empire who answer directly to the Director. However, member names and work are classified above Top Secret.


The Directorate of Research and Development has been around as long as the Galactic Empire has. It started early in Year 0 under Ma`Karr Quaxo and continued for 5-6 more years under 3 more leaders before going dormant for a short time. It returned a few years later under Krovikan Sengir, who was succeeded by Myn Kuat in Year 11. Early in Year 12 Crueya Vandron became Director and turned the R&D Directorate in a whole new direction, setting up facilities and stations in preparation for the coming R&D programs. In Year 12 Day 327, Director Draven Diesel was given command and runs the day to day operations with his trusted staff, continuously ensuring that the Galactic Empire stays ahead of its adversaries at every turn, in the race for further technology.

Directors - Former and Current

  • Ma`Karr Quaxo
  • Jargon Darot
  • Vir Calder Y1 D202 - Y4 D118
  • Sol Rolgab
  • Michael Pangborn
  • Krovikan Sengir
  • Myn Kuat
  • Crueya Vandron
  • Draven Diesel - Year 12 Day 327 - Present