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Rika Shilo

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Rika is a five foot six inch togruta female with lite orange skin with white face markings, her montrals are white with darkening bands the further down you go.

Rika Shilo
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Teo Shilo (alive)
Father Shia Shilo (alive)
Spouse Arturia Paorach
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -2, Day 203
Galactic Involvement
Faction Freelancers Alliance
Positions Junior Trader
Prior positions Apprentice Trader
Affiliation None

fa_sma10.png =Biography=

Early Life

Born on Coruscant, the daughter of mineral traders she was all ways a happy child. Raised as an only child aboard her parent’s trade ship she learned the trade and interacted with many different races form an early age. All ways bright and positive, she was rarely down and saw only the best in every one she met.

This left her with a personality that was bubbly and happy; she also never met a stranger in her life. This lead to more than a few interesting encounters though out her life. Including a fateful run in with a young ensign, that would alter both their lives.

After Meeting Arturia

Rika took an unusually quick liking to the young officer, helped along by many common interests and upbringings. She would maintain near daily contact with the officer, they become close friends in short order. This dynamic would slowly take a more romantic undertone, starting with a formal event, the Imperial Army Ball.

Deep Space Incident

Late in year 15 Rika received an odd message from Arturia telling her he would be in her sector in 3 days and would from there be taking some shore leave. Seeing a golden chance to get to spend some time with her new friend and get way from her current ship. A few days after the message a YT-2000 docked with the BFF she was on board and they where off on there own. She had to no idea where they we going but it was some where else and thats what counted.

Things where going well just the two of them, she finally asked where they where headed. Arturia got quite and evasive before blabbering on about a message from his family.

Army Ball

With the sudden invitation to the ball from the young officer she went from giddy to panic as she realized she had nothing to wear and no idea who to attend such an event. With in the hour she would receive an even bigger surprise with a knock at her door. There stood two Togruta's carrying tailoring supplies, they had been contacted by Arturia to outfit her for the ball. Clearly he had planed this out before hand, the end result was a very nice custom made dress, the cost of which exceeded her yearly income by a large factor.

She would arrive at the ball on the arm of Arturia looking like a kid at a candy store. That wouldn't last however, the empires stance on non-humans would keep a cloud over head the whole time. Starting with an ISB General treating her like a waitress to a senior officer treating her like garbage the event was not all good memories. That said once they had gotten away with some junior officer they had much better time. With good food, good drink and some expert dancing allowed the evening to end on a much higher note then it had started.

After the Army Ball

After the ball her and Arturia officially started dating, despite the long distance they made it work quite well. She was excited that on Y16 D25 she was appointed as a full junior trader allowing her more freedom and putting her one step closer to her own ship.


Dress for the ball: