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Rogue Programming Found In Protocol Droids (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Rogue Programming Found In Protocol Droids"

Posted by: Elvira Falston on Year 17 Day 063

CORPORATE (IIS) - During a routine inspection earlier this week by agents of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), inconsistencies were found in several batches of 3PO protocol droids. After closer inspection, spyware was discovered in several units. Their programming had been altered to record conversations and relay all information to an as of yet unidentified outside source. Executive Director Krakonico Petermind of Magnaguard Manufacturing stressed that the droids were not produced in-house and there is no indication that the Ministry of Industry has been compromised. The protocol droids were produced by an independent corporation and Petermind claimed that the partnership would be reevaluated and likely terminated in the near future, stating that a breach of security of this magnitude is "unforgivable".

Several droids have already been recalled and scheduled for deconstruction. Director Ascarion of ISB promised that the matter would be investigated thoroughly and the culprits found. Thanks to the attentiveness of both the ministry and ISB, all affected droids were found before they could enter circulation, preventing any potential compromising of national security. He confirmed that several arrests had already been made, but no names were made public yet. ISB advises all Imperial citizens to report any strange behaviour of droids and when in doubt, have your droids inspected by an officially licensed engineer.