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Rue Sylera

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Rue Sylera
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Satinka Nadir (Formerly Sylera, Deceased)
Father Mael Sylera
Spouse None
Siblings Tage Sylera, Arak Sylera (Deceased), Kivan Sylera
Children None
Born -7Y 317D
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions None
Prior Service None
Awards IAHG.jpg [IAHG]


Early Years

The youngest child of a Corellian smuggler and his former wife, Rue Sylera spent the greater part of her childhood on Corellia, living with her mother, Satinka, and three older brothers while her father completed smuggling runs across the galaxy. Her mother rarely spoke of her father, except to say that he was a smuggler and she had no idea where he was and frankly, didn’t care to know. It wasn’t until Rue was six that she actually met him. Her father, Mael, was not the roguish charmer the holovids had led her to believe a smuggler should be. He was big and loud, and he barged into their small apartment with the distinct smell of alcohol on him. He grinned stupidly at her mother and inspected the children in turn, immediately announcing that from then on, his boys would be accompanying him on his smuggling runs. Although her mother tried to protest, the dark look on her father’s face silenced her almost immediately.

She was grateful that she didn’t have to go, but her mother was never the same after that. She was… distant. She spent most of her time staring out the window at the bleak Corellian skyline, perhaps waiting for her sons to return. They never did. One by one, her brothers were either killed or arrested, and when her father finally returned four years later, he was alone.

Her mother cried constantly when Rue’s father looked her up and down and decided she would be useful to him. When she begged him to let her stay, he grabbed her arm so tightly it would be bruised for days, and dragged her out of the house, ignoring her mother’s screaming. Her father set her to work distracting guards or even carrying the smuggled goods herself. No one suspected a little girl of being a smuggler. Rue did these tasks without complaint, desperate to please her father, to avoid his anger. However, no matter how hard she tried, the only gratitude she ever got was a slap to the face or a kick as she walked past.

It was her life for nearly eight more years. She learned the finer points of smuggling – piloting, hiding, lying, and how to handle a blaster. She first killed a man at the age of fourteen during a deal that had gone bad, and that was the only day she could remember her father smiling at her. The most valuable lesson her father taught her was to trust no one. It was the only one of his lessons she embraced wholeheartedly. She tried to run away a few times, but she usually had no idea where she was and her father’s network ran deep into the galaxy’s underground. She never managed to elude him for more than a day before she was caught and dragged back to him. The punishments for this disobedience were… severe.

And then, just when Rue had nearly given up all hope, fate intervened. During a smuggling run, her father received a message informing him of the untimely death of Satinka, apparently an accident, but Rue remembered her mother’s vacant expression. She could imagine her wearing that expression as she walked into one of Corellia’s large oceans. Her father immediately set a course for Corellia to collect her body and what was left of her effects. He spent the rest of the trip getting blitzed on whiskey and death sticks, and by the time they reached Corellia he was barely able to function.

Rue took advantage. She packed what few possessions she had, along with a healthy helping of her father’s ill-gotten credits, and snuck off the ship. She immediately traveled to Kor Vella, where she knew she could find safe, cheap transport off the planet and away from her father forever. As she walked down the streets toward the starport, her stomach roiling in fear of her father tracking her down, she saw the poster that changed everything. The Galactic Empire was looking for new recruits. Rue had only seen the Imperial squads on patrol (or on a few rare occasions, in pursuit of Mael), but she knew their reputation for power and efficiency was well-earned. It was the one place her father would never be able to touch her.

It was the perfect place to escape.

Imperial Career

On Year 12, Day 222, Rue enlisted into the Imperial Academy and immediately transferred to Coruscant aboard an Imperial shuttle. She began her training immediately, and threw herself into her studies, knowing that she could not afford to mess up this one opportunity or risk being on the run from her father forever. Her sheer determination, intelligence, and skills immediately set her apart from the other candidates, and she blazed through the training material quickly. She graduated shortly thereafter with honors, and began her new life as a member of the Imperial Navy, earning her first official rank of Flight Corporal.

During the next Navy Monthly Meeting on Year 12, Day 258, Rue was honored to be promoted to the rank of Flight Sergeant.


Military Information

Event Date
Enlisted Year 12 Day 222
Academy Courses Year 12 Day 222
Academy Graduation (Honors) Year 12 Day 222
Promoted to Flight Corporal Year 12 Day 222
Promoted to Flight Sergeant Year 12 Day 258