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School of Engineering Unveiled! (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y10D24 by Goth

Deep Core (IIS)-- Something new in the Galactic Empire has just been opened, and something tells me that there will be quite a line for this new attraction. We go to our correspondent in the Deep Core for more information.

A tall worker sporting an engineering vest and working gear topped with a polished hardhat emblazoned by the Galactic Empire Seal steps up to a podium near a worksite. Obviously the foreman on the planetary development, this man, known as Tanez Kalrade, silenced the crowd as he approached to podium.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: I apologize for the sounds of construction behind me, but I was not able to get away from the construction efforts here on Bastion to make this announcement."

Mr. Kalrade motions to the gentlemen standing off to the side to join him on the podium.

"At this time I would like to announce that a new school has opened at the Univeritas Imperius. The School of Engineering will be required for anyone and everyone who will be on site at a construction project such as the one behind me. By taking these courses, an Imperial will learn all about construction, production, prospecting and all other processes of the governmental side of the Galactic Empire."

The crowd erupts in applause while Mr. Kalrade smiles slightly.

"Thank you. However, it would not have been possible to bring this new School to the Academy without the help of a few select persons. I introduce to you the faculty of the Imperial School of Engineering:"

Mr. Kalrade motions for the men to step forward into the spotlight.

"Jacen Varos has helped with a number of the lectures and exams. He will be assisting myself by becoming the school's Assistant Dean. Along with him, Rawther Den, who has been an excellent writer on the recycling aspect, and Kavash Orr, who has shown excellence in construction, will be inducted as a professors at the new school."

Mr. Kalrade waits for the applause to die down…

"I appreciate all of you for coming out to listen to this announcement, but I must be getting back to work. For information on the requirements for admission, please see the Holonet."

The tall construction worker then slightly bows to the cameras and leaves the stage.