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Sic Erat In Fatis (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Sic Erat In Fatis"

Posted by: Seele on Year 12 Day 101

Location Unknown

ABRION MINOR, TAU SAKAR SYSTEM [INB] - In an impressive display of the Imperial Union's prowess and responsiveness, the 7th Group of the 6th Imperial Fleet combined forces with the Mandalorian fleet to achieve a resounding victory as it ambushed the largest fleet the Krath Dynasty has assembled in recent history. In a press conference on Abrion Minor, the Commanding Officer of the 7th Group, Lieutenant Ardath Lemeth, informed reporters that Imperial Intelligence had provided advance warning to the Corellian Sector Command Staff of an impending assault on the nearby Mandalorian-governed Tau Sakar system. Acting quickly in the interests of the Imperial Union, Moff Niven Scherbankov dispatched the 7th Group to assist its Imperial Union ally in defence of the Tau Sakar system under the command of Evaar'la'lor Remus-Qui Wraan.

The intelligence obtained indicated a small fleet composed of six MC-80B class battleships and a myriad of starfighters were dispatched by the Krath Dynasty just under two weeks ago with the intent of conducting a high profile raid against the Abrion Sector's capital. Intercepting the invasion force as it entered real-space from its nearby rendezvous point, the 7th Group supplemented the firepower of the Mandalorian defences spearheaded by the Super Star Destroyer MSS Kad Ha'rangir. Not suspecting their assault would be compromised, the Krath Fleet was caught unprepared for the waiting arms of Mandalore and the Empire's military, quickly finding themselves under attack as they scrambled to maneuver into a defensive line and respond to the superior firepower of the Star Destroyers and Golan IIs.


Interdictor cruisers trapped the Krath ships after they reverted to realspace, preventing any immediate retreat whilst the 7th Group CO, Lieutenant Lemeth, ordered a static engagement of the invasion force with a blistering assault on the stunned Krath commanders. Hopelessly out-matched and rushing to preserve what ships they could of their embattled fleet, the Krath commander ordered a full tactical withdrawal within minutes of his arrival; the battle culminating in the Krath fleet limping out of the range of the Interdictor cruisers and fleeing into deeper space without pursuit. With the thwarting of the Krath's plan to attack Tau Sakar in an attempt to disrupt Mandalorian operations and high level construction projects, the 7th Group will remain in Mandalorian territory and assist Alor'aan Charles Osten in maintaining a vigil for any further ill-fated assaults.


Battle reports estimate only light damage to the Krath fleet which was able to initiative a full retreat within ten minutes, whilst the Empire reports no casualties, loss of equipment, and no collateral damage to Mandalorian projects or citizens, as the engagement zone had been cleared of civilian traffic in the hours prior to the Krath's arrival. Several Imperial officers and pilots were noted for their exceptional performance and bravery during the battle, with Imperial Navy Commanding Officer, Lord Admiral Blackrain, praising the 7th Group's discipline and combat readiness.

Analysts predict that as a result of the staggering holes in Krath security and it will be some time before the Krath are able to confidently mount another offensive with the embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Imperial Union. Speculation as to why the Krath attempted an invasion of Mandalorian Space at this time remains vague; however, an undisclosed source from Imperial Intelligence suggests that the Krath are attempting to resurrect plummeting morale within the fringe government brought on by recent chasms within the leadership. Indications are that the poorly executed foray into Imperial Union territory was fueled by a need to be recognized by the other members of the Galactic Alliance as a worthwhile and capable component of the alliance; an ambition thwarted by an embarrassing engagement precipitated by a serious lack of accurate Krath intelligence in predicting Mandalore was defenseless.

The disastrous assault against a clearly more powerful and capable target is destined to be recorded as a further unmitigated failure for Krath leadership, which will no doubt attract the attention of the Galactic Alliance for the wanton display of ineptitude; a display that Vizier Jarek Sankin, Chairman of the Imperial Union says "will serve as a reminder to any faction that considers invading Imperial Union space in the future. The Imperial Union isn't a tattered collection of governments bickering amongst ourselves; we work together, and we are stronger for it."