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Siege Engineering Corps (ING)

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Carida (INB) - Recently at an Imperial Army Meeting, and then again at the Imperial Monthly Meeting that occurred only a week later, Army High Command announced that a subdivision of the Imperial Army was being developed. This subdivision was the brainchild of Euna Miriel who dubbed it, the Siege Engineering Corps.

Intrigued by the possibilities the Imperial News Bureau tracked down the Lieutenant to Carida, the headquarters for the Imperial Army, and scheduled several interviews to try to get more information about S.E.C.

Instead of taking each of the interviews separately, Second Lieutenant Miriel decided to schedule an extended period in which all the representatives would be able to get all the information she needed. Once transcripts from the representatives present there were received the Bureau compiled them and has listed them below for your benefit.

"The Siege Engineering Corps are the latest addition to our legions to make them into an effective fighting force in today's field of battle. The Engineers are in charge of the rapid deployment of prefabricated bases, which are crucial to establishing control of the planet. SEC brigades will operate from BFF-1 Bulk Freighters and Gallofree GR-75 Medium Transports, one of each per legion; these haulers contain the materials necessary for the construction of those essential bases. Once control is in the Empire's hands, the legion is then free to sow mayhem and tragedy among the enemy's ranks.

"During my participation in the offensive on Iqobal, I was frequently frustrated with the slow pace of our own builders in competition with Eidola's. Haulers and materials were slow in arriving to the planet, and though the 2nd Imperial Legion arrived early to the system, we lost the advantage of being first at the scene, unable to do more than scout and scan the system while Teniel Tjo was able to round up the resources and manpower to solidify Eidola's control of the planet.

"Efforts to slow down Eidola construction proved all but useless. Because the Empire was not able to gain control of the planet, the Imperial Army was unable to be employed as arresters, and instead resorted to attempting to set up roadblocks in Eidola's city. Because the roadblocking ships and vehicles require pilots, only a fraction of a city's space, can be obstructed at any given time and therefore the roadblocks had minimal effect in stalling the Eidola counter-building.

"Therefore, my proposal was to have builders present with the legion at all times. By keeping the engineers with the unit, the base construction materials would arrive right when the legion does, and therefore the enemy would have no advance warning in regard to the impending war; it would have already started by the time they catch wind of the legion's presence.

"The proposal received immediate approval from Army High Command, and after a few revisions, was sent for review to Grand Moff Imperium. At first, the proposal was declined, but conditionally. Government had been working on a similar proposal, and I was thus directed to speak with the mastermind of the government project, Minister Ndengin. After speaking with him, I was met with almost immediate approval, and after making a few minor changes, the Army was granted the necessary men and material.

"As of now, the first brigades of the SEC have joined the legions on their transports, and are ready to be deployed into action. Experienced soldiers in the Imperial army have been tasked with coordinating the integration, and those with leadership skill have been especially sought out to lead the SEC brigades. Skilled Army aviators have also been recommended for flying the SEC's lumbering transports, so as to make their ability to strike as fast as possible. The legions are already drilling to incorporate the engineers into their forces, practicing defensive and offensive maneuvers that complement the engineers' capabilities. In addition to prefabricated base construction, engineering squads are also familiarizing with other siege tactics, such as undermining enemy defenses, sabotaging and constructing bridges, and laying minefields."

"It is expected that the Siege Engineering Corps will play an essential role in the on-going Galactic Civil War but it will only be history that decides how vital a role it will play in the Empire's success.