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Squall Chitose the New Pirate Queen? (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y12D259 by Lasidious von Feldure

Coruscant (IIS)-- It's been almost sixty days since the self-proclaimed Pirate Queen of the Eidolians Teniel Djo announced that by the time we had read her hacked Galactic News Service post her and many other veterans of the Eidola leadership would commit suicide, diving into "the Maw", not out of desperation, but out of victory. The broadcast has sparked debate, cheers and skepticism throughout the galaxy about both the sincerity and reasoning behind Djo's insane claim.

Allegedly in her last living moments Djo had renamed the faction Eidola to "Those Left Behind" and appointed Eidola veteran Squall Chitose as its new leader. The question was immediately raised, is Chitose really the new Eidola leader or is Djo still pulling the strings in a new master plan set to plunder the galaxy further of its wealth and prosperity? Or were the events that transpired to simply cover up an internal overthrow of Djo by Chitose or even an external assassination of the pirate leadership? So far there has been no proof of the deaths of the pirates, and many galactic sentients don't believe the pirate's claim of suicide and remain continually skeptic. Theories have been multiple. It has been supported from various sources that Djo flew into "the Maw" as claimed, others speculate that she was captured by Imperial forces and some even say that she has simply retired from "pirate life".

If we are to entertain Djo's claim for a moment then we must ask why would she and her co-pirates kill themselves? Doctor J. Stiller of the Coruscant Psychological Studies Institute has speculated that this mass suicide may have been as a result of mental instability enhanced through prolonged drug abuse and has told us that this suicidal behavior within such circles isn't uncommon. He went on to state, 'The cases of new recruits of Rebel factions "sunning" themselves is immensely high.' He continued, 'The prolonged use of the type of illegal stimulants favoured by the galactic underworld can severely cloud the mind and with the Galactic Empire's grip on the Eidolans ever closing in it no doubt finally all became too much to bare for these particular outlaws.'

Rallies and parades have been witnessed across the galaxy in celebration of the Pirate Queen's much awaited demise over the last weeks, but whilst those who believe the pirates have perished celebrate many are still waiting cautiously for Djo to reappear again. 'Good riddance!' Said a freighter pilot questioned by IIS on Corellia yesterday, 'These pirates, rebels, outlaws, or whatever you want to call them are trying to destroy this society for honest spacers like me. If it wasn't for the Empire's policing I don't know where the galaxy would be. The Pirate Queen's death is the greatest move for galactic prosperity since Cherokee became Emperor!'

As the weeks turn into months without a sound coming from Eidola, one question still lingers; what will Chitose do with the remnant of Eidola if Djo is really deceased? Will he continue it as a pirate organization, will he disband it, will he publicly unify with the Rebel factions that he has for so long held ties, or will his known lack of ability and the Empire's ever growling crack down on piracy finally see Eidola crumble into dust? One thing is for sure though, the Empire won't stop bringing Eidolans to justice until the pirate cell has been utterly wiped from the face of the galaxy.


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Original article written and proposed by Ganondorf Dragmire