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"De Fideli Administratione"

Posted by: Seele - Faction: Galactic Empire
Date: Year 21 Day 95 From the Golan II Raithal II Sentry in system Raithal (50, 123).

RAITHAL II (INB) - The Imperial Union Defence Committee has formally broken the ongoing secrecy regarding the Imperial Union’s activities and plans for the occupied territories of the former New Republic. Ending the two-month silence on ongoing military operations, Defence Committee spokesman Major General Christopher Lothbrok announced the Imperial Union’s strategy to secure worlds and establish effective governance over the newly claimed worlds.

The briefing identified the key strategy of the Imperial Union as being one of careful and peaceful transition to the new arrangements for governance. Chief within this plan has been the use of military forces only to assist the local police forces, or to fill gaps where some elements of police forces have refused to recognise the legitimate reign of the Imperial Union. Although General Lothbrok acknowledged not all of the local constabulary were willing to recognise or follow Union law, he emphasised these were rarities and citizen safety was quickly assured through the use of Imperial Union forces as temporary reinforcements.

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