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Terrorist Captured and Sentenced to Death by Imperial Court (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Terrorist Captured and Sentenced to Death by Imperial Court"

Posted by: Seele - Faction: Galactic Empire

Year 13 Day 153 From the Imperial Palace in Coruscant 9,1 on Coruscant (-15, 88).

CORUSCANT (INB) - Today marks another victory for the Galactic Empire against the New Republic with the release of a statement by Imperial Intelligence. The statement notified the press about the recent capture and execution of a high ranking member of a terrorist organisation that is hiding within the shell of the falsely proclaimed republic. Citizens across the Empire rejoiced as another enemy of the state, Flight Marshal Juraki Takeda's capture concludes another successful Imperial Intelligence operation against the New Republic. The bounty hunter Ximaro Jix and his partners, working under a bounty issued by the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations, arrested the Flight Marshal and presented him to Imperial Intelligence for questioning. After a thorough investigation, Takeda was placed on trial and found guilty of several crimes against the Empire and the galaxy.


Although Takeda's execution took place this morning without a media presence, public notaries were present to confirm the identity of the condemned and that the execution was carried out in accordance with the judicial order. Several notable Imperials were in attendance including Director Ventidius and Bureau Chief Falston of Imperial Intelligence. Defiant of the punishment bestowed upon him by the Imperial Code of Laws, Takeda reportedly refused to apologise for his crimes against the galaxy, citing that he did not recognise the authority of the Imperial courts. Despite his refusal, the Flight Marshal was executed by firing squad and his body laid to rest in the vastness of space.

Director Ventidius of Imperial Intelligence had the following to say after the execution: "I am pleased with the efficiency of the operation. Imperial Intelligence will continue to use traditional and nontraditional methods to bring enemies of the Galactic Empire to justice. His death will serve as a warning to those which oppose the laws of the New Order". Takeda held a command level military rank within the Republic's voluntary terrorist arm, as well as an important role in their nationalised industry which has been seized in part, by the Republic's military. Intelligence declassified by Director Ventidius shows that Takeda was involved in the management of illegal business fronts, and credit laundering for several terrorists. The Imperial Port Authority has issued a warning to all ships travelling through the Tanjay system to avoid a small object floating through space.