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Terrorist Propaganda Leaflets Litter The Streets (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y13D311 by Elvira Falston

Coruscant (IIS)-- Yesterday, the Galactic News Service was targeted by a group of hackers operating in name of the terrorist organisation known as the Galactic Alliance. Imperial Intelligence has traced the origins of the illegal propaganda being released back to the so-called New Republic. 'It was only a matter of time before the rebels would attempt to turn the changes in the Imperial Union into a victory', stated Chief Elvira Falston of the Bureau of Operations, 'And despite our policy to not censor the News Service, they saw it necessary to hack into the systems and disrupt the normal programming, perhaps out of fear that nobody would watch their broadcasts if it was announced like any other news and not forcefully displayed on the holofeeds of our citizens.'

Political analysts from across the galaxy were asked by the Imperial Information Service to analyse and comment on the propaganda that was aired on all media channels last night. One such individual is professor Valo Tandum of the University of Corellia.

'After close inspection, the article reveals several lies and contradictions, as can be expected of a terrorist organisation. While the recent occurences in the Union were in fact nothing more than a cosmethical change - the name is gone, but the relations between governments remain largely the same - the rebels attempt to create the impression that the former members are abandoning the Empire and instead siding with the enemy. The lies becomes even more blatant when they insinuate that the recent developments in the Union were partially a reaction against the humanocentric views of the Empire, a subject that was not once mentioned during the meetings.'

The Institute of Galactic Politics responded to our call as well, sending the following statement: 'Considering the background of the Galactic Alliance, it is a very bold move on their behalf to claim the Empire has sunken low when allying itself with stable and efficient governments like the Black Sun family and Tresario Star Kingdom. An organisation that lies and murders in the name of democracy but consists of several dictatorships only creates the impression that a monarchy is in fact necessary to create a stable and strong government, capable of fending off its enemies.

The released propaganda took an ironic turn when it announced the inclusion of the Bothan Media Services into the Alliance. This highly corrupt government with a shady and violent history joins the growing list of criminal organisations and pirate groups posing as governments and currently residing in the Galactic Alliance.